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Visit the Wise Woman Center in 2019!

Study via Correspondence Course with Susun Weed



There is no need to register and no charge for attendance at moonlodges, work/learn days, and work days. All other classes require pre-registration and fees. Register here...

Events in bold are Weed's workshops away from home.
Please contact sponsors for info. All other events are at the Wise Woman Center.




April 20-21: Easter/Passover Work-exchange Weekend
April 26: Moonlodge
April 27: Hands-on Spring Tonics: Make nettle soup and a wild salad; talk about and taste lots of tonics
April 28: Woodland Wonders: Meet ramps, brassicas, dwarf ginseng, and rare spring flowers.


May 4-5 : Work-exchange Weekend
May 14 : Shamanic Herbal Apprentices, Late Spring Group begins
May 17 : Moonlodge
May 18: Plant Spirit Medicine:  Learn from the fairies, devas, and plant spirits
May 19 : Hands-on Herbal First-Aid: Remedy poison ivy, stings, wounds, more
May 25-26 : Work-exchange Weekend

May 28-30, May 31-June 2: Midwest Women's Herbal Conference, www.midwestwomensherbal.com


June 6-9: Wheaton MA. International Herbal Symposium, www.internationalherbsymposium.com

June 11: Shamanic Herbal Apprentices, High-Summer Group begins

June 15: Berlin, CT; Weed Walk and Talk. novaspa11@gmail.com

June 16: Work-exchange Sunday
June 21: Summer Solstice Moonlodge
June 22: Hands-on: The Great Remedies: Identify, harvest, prepare and use the greatest herbal remedies.
June 23: Tree Medicines in Your Hands: Visit the trees, make white pine vinegar, oak bark sitz, slippery elm balls
June 27-30: Green Witch Holiday
June 28: Moonlodge


July 7-12: Rhinecliff, NY: Omega Institute, www.eomega.org

July 13-14: Work-exchange Weekend

July 20?: NY, CoSM: Plant Spirit Medicine, www.cosm.org

July 27-28: Work-exchange Weekend
July 29-August 4: Green Goddess Apprentice Week


August 2: Moonlodge
August 9: Moonlodge
August 10: More Hands-on Great Remedies: Identify, harvest, prepare and use great herbal remedies
August 11: Hands-on Holy Ferment: Taste and make lacto-fermented sauerkraut, herbal wines, yogurt, and more
August 17-18: Work-exchange Weekend

August 22-25: Whidbey Is, WA: Pacific NW Herbal Symposium, www.nwherbsymposium.com


September 3: Shamanic Herbal Apprentices, Autumn Group begins
Sept 7-8: Work-exchange Weekend

Sept 12-15: Simi Valley, CA: Goddess Spirit Rising, www.goddessspiritrising.com

Sept 27: Moonlodge
Sept 28: Adaptogens: Think better, live longer, feel great, adopt adaptogens
Sept 29: Hands-on Magical Plants: Visionary herbs, dream pillows, flying oils, love potions


October 5-6: Work-exchange Weekend
October 19-20: Work-exchange Weekend
October 25: Moonlodge
Oct 26: Hands-on Digging Roots and Harvesting Seeds: Burdock, dandelion, yellow dock, teasel, chicory
Oct 27: Hands-on Cold and Flu Remedies: Elder, mullein, elecampane, sage, honey, boneset


Nov 2-3 : Work-exchange Weekend
Nov 16-17: Work-exchange Weekend


December 7-8: Work-exchange Weekend


To register for a workshop:
send your deposit (see specific workshop for amount),
contact information and the workshop you want to attend to:
Susun Weed PO Box 64, Woodstock, NY 12498

For questions, fax: 1-845-246-8081.

You can register with a credit card online: www.herbalmedicinehealing.com

Intensives at the Wise Woman Center
June 27-30: Green Witch Holiday
July29-August 4: Green Goddess Apprentice Week

2019 Classes with Weed
April 27: Hands-on Spring Tonics
April 28: Woodland Wonders
May 18: Plant Spirit Medicine
May 19 : Hands-on Herbal First-Aid
June 22: Hands-on: The Great Remedies
June 23: Tree Medicines in Your Hands
August 10: More Hands-on Great Remedies
August 11: Hands-on Holy Ferment
Sept 28: Adaptogens
Sept 29: Hands-on Magical Plants
Oct 26: Hands-on Digging Roots and Harvesting Seeds
Oct 27: Hands-on Cold and Flu Remedies

Work weekends in 2019
April 20-21: Work-exchange Weekend
May 4-5: Work-exchange Weekend
May 25-26: Work-exchange Weekend
June 16: Work-exchange Sunday
July 13-14: Work-exchange Weekend
July 27-28: Work-exchange Weekend
Aug 17-18: Work-exchange Weekend
Sept 7-8: Work-exchange Weekend (Labor day)
Oct 5-6: Work-exchange Weekend
Oct 19-20: Work-exchange Weekend
Nov 2-3: Work-exchange Weekend
Nov 16-17: Work-exchange Weekend
Dec 7-8: Work-exchange Weekend

Join us for a weekend or a day of hard work and fun. We'll feed you a delicious vegetarian lunch plus give you cash, or credit toward dinner and an overnight stay, books or classes.

Let us know if you plan to attend. Thanks!


April 26 ~ May 17 ~ June 21 ~ June 28 ~ July 6 ~ August 2
August 9 ~ Sept 27 ~ Oct 25