black & white illustrations are by Durga Bernhard from Susun Weed's Healing Wise the second Wise Woman Herbal
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  black & white illustrations are by Durga Bernhard from Susun Weed's Healing Wise the second Wise Woman Herbal
Can I fast and detox myself while I'm nursing?

Hello Susun,

I am breastfeeding my 6 month old baby and do not want to stop anytime soon. But
it is putting a lot of stress on my liver and kidneys. I really want to fast, but don't think
I can because of the breastfeeding. Is it safe to take milk thistle or goldenseal or any
other detoxifying herbs while breastfeeding? I have not been able to find any information
on this, but my general knowledge of herbs and breastfeeding tells me it is not ok. Do
you have any ideas on alternatives?

Thank you, Ann K

Susun's Response: You Are Not Toxic!

Dear Ann K,

Please do not fast. Please never fast again. It does nothing good for the body. 24
hours without food reduces liver capacity by 50 percent and releases lots of chemicals
that are stored in the fat tissues. (They go back into the fat when you eat, they cannot
be eliminated, but they damage you while you are fasting.) It also puts major stress on
your kidneys and reduces your child's intelligence.

Please let go of the idea that you are toxic. Please let go of the idea of detoxifying.
Golden seal is such a severe stressor to the kidneys and liver it can kill!! Milk thistle protects the liver from damage if taken before drinking alcohol, eating poisonous mushrooms, or chemotherapy, all of which are not to be done while breastfeeding,
so milk thistle will not help you.

Dandelion (tincture, tea, wine, vinegar) is a wonderful liver tonic. Take it before meals. Nettle infusion is the best kidney tonic. It can be drunk as often as you like.

Eat well. Love yourself. Drink nourishing herbal infusions. That will keep you healthy.

Green Blessings, Susun Weed

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What herbs are safe to take while breastfeeding?



Susun's Response: Consider making simple nourishing herbal infusions


Susun believes in simples - meaning not taking lots of herbs at the same time. So if
you are considering a formula or some mix of herbs in a pill or tea blend, then answer
is don't do it. Instead, ally yourself with just a few herbs that will help you with
whatever is ailing you.

Particularly, for lactating women, Susun suggests simple infusions of nourishing herbs
such as Comfrey leaf, Raspberry leaf, Nettles, Alfalfa, or Red Clover - any of these
(taken separately) encourage a plentiful supply of breast milk and a relaxed, healthy mother. These mineral rich nourishing herbs also protect you from mineral loss during
the stress of nursing and infant care. Rotate, using each one for a week, to derive the unique benefits that each offer.

For further info you may want to read how to make an infusion:

And, remember anything you ingest will get to your baby through your milk. So,
you will naturally want to avoid items such as coffee, alcohol, vitamin and mineral supplements, soy formulas, and anything that you consider questionable. If you
would not your baby to eat it are you sure you want to be eating it?

Now would however be a great time to really nourish yourself with lots of
well-cooked leafy greens, whole grains and beans, organic meats, oily small fish,
yogurt, olive oil, dried fruits and nuts, and any other whole foods that you crave.
Eat as widely as possible without including highly processed foods, especially those containing refined sugars and white flour....

If you have any more specific questions, feel free to write.

Justine (Susun's daughter)

Response: Really I shouldn't take any vitamins?

Thanks for the great info. A plentiful milk supply and a relaxed,healthy mother
sound very good right now. I think I will try them.

I'm surprised you advocate not taking vitamins and mineral supplements. I've checked
out the sources of the ones I use and know they are taken from the most natural,
unadulterated sources available.

The herbs I'm considering are in a weight loss supplement. Would you mind taking
a look at the ingredient list to see if there are any that would be detrimental to my
nursing baby?

It's at www.algoxyll.com .
There is an ingredient list.

Susun's Response: Get your vitamins and minerals from good foods!


I personally would not advocate your taking this complex formula. Instead, I would
suggest upping your energy output (exercise) while consuming less calories, if you
want to lose weight. Remember though, you must nourish yourself, starving is not an option, particularly with baby....stay away from sugar, white flour and white rice, hydrogenated fats, and any processed foods. Drink lots of water and nourishing
herbal infusions....

Vitamin and mineral pills are hard for the body to process (stressful on the organs)
and often are not processed or create an imbalance. Getting your minerals and
vitamins from nourishing herbal infusions, seaweeds, and good foods is the easiest
least stressful way for your body. Try it and see for yourself how you feel...

Best of luck,

Justine (Susun's daughter)

  black & white illustrations are by Durga Bernhard from Susun Weed's Healing Wise the second Wise Woman Herbalblack & white illustrations are by Durga Bernhard from Susun Weed's Healing Wise the second Wise Woman Herbal    back to LIST



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