black & white illustrations are by Durga Bernhard from Susun Weed's Healing Wise the second Wise Woman Herbal
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  black & white illustrations are by Durga Bernhard from Susun Weed's Healing Wise the second Wise Woman Herbal
Heavy Menstruation

Dear Susun

My daughter is 14 years old and has been menstruating for approx 1 1/2
years. Her periods have been coming approx every other month and then
she bleeds fairly heavily for 2 weeks. This month is a bit puzzling.
She has been bleeding for three weeks continually and still going
strong. I have been giving her a tonic tea for about 3+ years that
consists of raspberry, nettle, alfalfa, mint, dandelion lf, licorice,
motherwort & lemongrass. 1 c 2x day about 5 days on and 2 days off.
About a year ago I made up a tincture of Licorice, black cohosh, pau
d'arco,cramp bark, echinacea & kelp to help regulate her endocrine
system. She takes a dropperfull from a 2 oz bottle 1 or 2 x day but I
have stopped that for the time being. She craves kelp which I order
from Ryan Drum and she eats it like candy, sometimes a sandwich bag full
about 2-4x week.

Should I be concerned about the duration of her period? She is in good
health and except for having to wear pads for such a long period, has no
complaints. She has never had cramps or other uncomfortable things with
her period although right before and during her period her face breaks
out with acne a fair amount. We did a Rights of Passage ceremony after
her first period and she has a good healthy attitude about her period.
I must mention too that she has a "learning disability" and functions at
about a 7 or 8 year old level according to "the experts".

I am thinking about starting her on Vitex tincture 1/4 tsp 2 x day to
help regulate her endocrine system and blending another herb tea using
raspberry, nettle and yarrow to help control the bleeding.

I would most appreciate your input. It could simply be that her body is
still adjusting to this new cycle but better safe than sorry.

Thanks for your time.


Susun's Response: Menstrual hemorrhage

Dear one,

First, let's get that bleeding stopped. It does not seem healthy to me that she bleeds so much and for so long. I like shepherd's purse tincture, a dropperful every four hours until the menstrual hemorrhage stops. Second, that kind of bleeding depletes the body's iron supplies, and when iron supplies are low hemorrhage is more likely to occur, so let's end that vicious cycle. Iron supplements are difficult to digest; yellow dock tincture or decoction is easy to digest and very effective. (More info in Wise Woman for the Childbearing Year, available at http://www.wisewomanbookshop.com ) And see below yet more information.

I am concerned that you are using so many herbs together. How will you ever know what is having an effect? You say you are using combination of raspberry, nettle, alfalfa, mint, dandelion lf, licorice, motherwort & lemongrass. 1 c 2x day about 5 days on and 2 days off.

Instead, I would suggest that you make an infusion of nettle one day and raspberry leaf another day (you can flavor with mint.) Use one ounce of dried herb in a quart jar, fill to the top with boiling water, cap and steep for at least four hours. If you wish to use dandelion, use the root tincture and take 5-10 drops before meals. I would not use licorice with an adolescent (or most adults) as it can have severe side effects (thyroid disturbance, blood pressure problems, adrenal stress).

As for your tincture of Licorice, black cohosh, pau darco,cramp bark, echinacea & kelp. . . yikes. I would not use this at all and am worried that it may be increasing your daughter's problems. The raspberry leaf and nettle infusions will help her more than this formula. I have never heard of using kelp in tincture form and am very pleased that she is eating it. That is the best way I know to take it. The other herbs in this mix I would not use at all in this situation.

Chasteberry tincture is an excellent hormonal tonic. I think it is a great idea for you to use it. Read more about it at http://www.susunweed.com/Article_Vitex_RedMoonHerbs.htm

Yarrow increases menstrual bleeding and is frequently used as an abortifacient; I would avoid it in this situation.

Green Blessings, Susun Weed



           here is what Susun's book,
      Wise Woman Herbal For The Childbearing Year says for Iron:

page 36
Yellow Dock root: The yellow dock roots of many Ruminex species, prepared as a decoction, syrup, or tincture, provide and excellent, fully absorbable, non-constipating source of iron. To prevent anemia, use 1 tablespoon of decoction or 25-40 drops of the tincture daily. If anemia is present, use the same dosage, but take it three times a day. Yellow Dock root is commonly used by herbalists to replenish hemoglobin after a hemmorhage.

Other herbal sources of iron include Parsley, Nettles, Amaranth greens, Dandelion root, and Kelp. Also see Appendix 1(below)

Best food sources of iron are liver, leafy greens, beets, oysters, heart, and tongue.

Vitamin C aids assimilation of iron.

Avoid coffee, tea, excess bran, alkalinizers, and phosphates; they inhibit absorption of iron.

Anemia Prevention Brew - See Appendix 2 (below)

page 151 (from Appendix 2)

2 ounces dried Yellow Dock roots
4 tablespoons honey
2 tablespoons brandy (optional)

Put the roots into a quart jar, fill completely with boiling water, cap well. infuse for eight hours or overnight. Strain plant material out a discard. Steam liquid over a very low flame until it is reduced to one cup. Do not boil or simmer. Add honey and stil until it dissolves. Turn up fire and bring mixture just to the boil. Pour boiling hot into a very clean jar. Add brandy or other liqueur if desired. Cap. Cool. Then store your tonic in the refrigerator.

Yellow Dock roots concentrate iron from the earth and ofer it to us combined with the minerals and vitamins needed for best iron absorption in our bodies. Rises in the hematocrit (a measure of iron) of as much as a point a week are reported by women taking this iron tonic during pregnancy and after hemorrhage.

The dose is one or two tablespoons daily.

page 151


1/2 ounce dried Nettle leaves
1/2 ounce dried Parsley leaves
1/2 ounce dried Comfrey leaves
1/2 ounce dried Yellow Dock root
1/2 ounce dried Peppermint leaves

Measure herbs and put them into a glass half-gallon juice jar. Pour boiling water in until the jar is totally full; cover tightly. Steep for at least eight hours.

This brew contains three excellent sources of iron: Nettle, Parsley, and Yellow Dock. It provides folic acid from the parsley and vitamin B12 from the comfrey. The green herbs all contribute vitamin C which aids iron absorption. The mint makes it tasty.

Drink freely, up to four cups a day, for one week each month.

Page 164 (from Appendix 1)
Herbal Sources of Iron: Nettles, Dandelion, Alfalfa, Yellow Dock, Chickweed, Burdock, Kelp, Mullein, Sorrel, Parsley, Comfrey, Chicory, Watercress, Fennel.

Iron is depleted by: lack of high-quality protein, coffee, enemas, black teas.

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                                           Menstrual Pain

Merry Meet,

My name is Barbara. A SiG of mine suggested I contact you directly.
Recently I have been informed I have adnomyosis (uterine wall
infection). My MD has performed a DNC and I am still having problems.
He has recommended a hysterectomy.

I was born with two uteri and two ovaries. The uteri share a wall.
For years, I have had painful periods. I use all natural/herbal
remedies with the occasional ibuprofen. Ibuprofen is a heavy duty as
I get.

Recently my periods have escalated to a new realm of pain. I pass out
from the pain. I broke down and took codine. The first time I've had
a narcotic in 16 years.

I am seeking info on the hysterectomy and menopause. I will not take
medically prescribe hormones.

If you have any ideas, I would gladly accept them.

May the Goddess bless you with a sweet and abundant harvest during
this season.


      Susun's Response: liferoot for women with severe menstrual pain

Dear Barbara,

As I understand it, the normal pattern for mammals is to have a bifurcated uterus. Strange as it may seem, your uterus is normal for most mammals (just not so normal for humans. But maybe as many as one in a thousand women have a doubled uterus).

I am not convinced that your pain has much to do with the doubling of your uterus. Have you been checked for endometriosis? fibroids? How close are you to menopausal age?

Whatever the cause, Liferoot may help you. I make the tincture from the flowering top of the Senecio aureus plant. A dose of the tincture is 5 drops per day from ovulation to menstruation (luteal phase). I have seen this completely eliminate severe menstrual pain within three months for many women. Severe = incapitating pain for 3-7 days with vomiting, diarrhea, fainting, and migraine headache.

I write more about it in New Menopausal Years, available for preorder from http://www.wisewomanbookshop.com for $16.95 plus shipping - plus $3 shipping from Ash Tree Publishing, PO Box 64 Woodstock, NY 12498

Liferoot is sometimes hard to find in a store, as it is considered poisonous (but only in really large doses). Red Moon Herbs sells it. www.redmoonherbs.com

There is also a small section on hysterectomy in my menopause book. I know a lot of women who have had hysterectomies who do not take hormones and all of them are healthy and happy. If that is what you choose, you can still be healthy afterward, but I do hope liferoot can save you from this drastic step.

Hope some of this helps.

Green Blessings, Susun Weed

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Herbs to Bring On Menstruation

Question: I'm 20 years old and haven't had a period start naturally for 2 years. My doctor put me on progesterone. I used it twice, but it made me feel horrible, lash out at those around me, and gain weight. I feel as if something is lacking, my connection to the moon has been gone. Is there anything I can do to get my body to have normal cycles?

Thanks, Gina

                  Susun's Response: try nourishing herbal infusions

Dear Gina,

There is a section on this in New Menopausal Years, available from http://www.ashtreepublishing.com

I know you are too young for menopause, but the info on missing periods would apply to you.

Meanwhile, is there enough fat in your diet? Do you eat meat at least occasionally? When did you periods begin (at what age?)

The herb wild yam, taken two weeks out of each month, seems to increase the amount of progesterone you make.

Also nourishing herbal infusions and a whole foods diet, including meat, has worked wonders for all the women I know. Info on making those nourishing infusions is in each of my books.

Hope this helps.

Green Blessings, Susun Weed

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Polycystic Ovaries-Irregular Periods

Hi there -

I was told I had polycystic ovaries when I was 16 and was put on the pill. From then until 21, I was on and off the pill. I got pregnant at 22, and had an abortion. Since then, my moons have been totally sporadic. I'm now 26 and have been trying to get pregnant. I've taken vitex tincture on and off for the past year but I sense I should be doing more. Do you have any recommendations?


Susun's Response:what is your diet like?


What is your diet like? Low fat diets could be causing sporadic periods.

Is your room dark when you sleep? Light at night can cause sporadic periods. You can read about this (it is called LunaCeption) in my book New Menopausal Years, now available at http://www.wisewomanbookshop.com

How much vitex are you taking? In what form? I think tincture is best, and the dose needs to be quite large: a dropperful 2-4 times a day for several years is the usual recommended dose.

You may also want to ask my past apprentice, the midwife Sheri WInston, for a consultation. You can contact her through her website http://www.wholisticwomancare.com

Green Blessings, Susun Weed

Thanks so much for replying.

My diet is actually probably high in fat. I weigh 128 lbs. and eat many olives, eggs, beans, sesame oil, nuts and seeds. I also eat brown rice or brown basmati regularly. It's strange, last year I actually weighed 117 lbs and bled every 35 days for 4 cycles. That's the most regular I've ever been. I eat cheese probably once a week. I do avoid all meat except occasional fish. My room is dark when I sleep. I take 4 dropperfulls of vitex a day.

There are some details that I suspect have a lot to do with this as well. I have been from one relationship to another for the last 8 years, most recently with a person who is severely depressed, uninspired, and angry. When I bled regularly for those 4 moons last year he and I stopped using condoms. Since then we haven't used any form of birth control and I haven't gotten pregnant. We are in the middle of breaking up right now and I've theorized that my body has taken the reigns and is telling me that pregnancy with this person is a mistake. My emotions are just now catching up as I realize that I need to end this relationship.

Are there herbs that also address emotional infertility? I don't really know what to call it.


Subject: Re: do nothing

Dear Michelle

Guess it just goes to show why women are not used in medical studies -- we are so strange!!

I agree with you that your body is saying slow down here. Since you are eating well (and drinking nourishing herbal infusions?) I think it is safe to wait. Have you read the info in New Menopausal Years on erratic menses? If your period is still missing in May, get in touch again, by phone, if possible. I do free consultations on Tuesday evenings (only from the end of March to the end of October) from 7:30 to 9:30 east coast time.

Green Blessings, Susun Weed

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              Elevated prolactin + no period for 2-1/2 years

Hi Susan,

My empowerment advisor in Rockland county suggested that I find
you and speak with you concerning my health.

I've not had my period since 1999 and I've been battling an elevated
Prolactin for the same amount of time. No doctor (whether homeopathic,
naturopathic or medical) has been able to help me.

Do you have any suggestions?

                     Susun's Response: give me some details


Susun will be here Monday to answer your email. In the
mean time can you give her some more details about your life/health/diet so she
has a better idea of what is going on with you.....

What happened in 1999 just prior to /during the onset of your condition, were you nursing? How old are you? What is you diet like? Are there other circumstances that she should know about? For example, if you are on a low-fat and/or vegetarian
diet or are under alot of stress this may be affecting your lack of period.
Are you taking any prescriptions/medications, oral contraceptives, or
recreational drugs? Having emotional issues or in a stressful environment? What
about your thyroid? Have you had known tumors or cysts?

There are so many factors that could affect you and your body...Help her a little by sharing more about yourself so she has some clue about what is going on...Please
detail your symptoms (of elevated prolactin), how elevated it actually is,
and what you have done in the past few years to remedy (as you say
battle") the situation.
With love,

                                       Here are some details
Justine---oh my GOD!

Thank you so much for answering me. I'm crying now
because I didn't think I'd hear from anyone and if I did not for
about a month. Thank you, thank you!!

To answer your specific questions: No, I've never nursed. I've had 2
miscarriages, one at age 21 and another at 30 - D&C was done after
the second one.

I've had 3 abortions (one at 18, 19, 20). I'm embarrassed to say, but
I was using methods other than the birth control pill and they
didn't work. I couldn't have a baby at any of those times. ....

In 1999 I broke up with my boyfriend of 3-1/2 years after a long traumatic relationship because I wanted children and marriage and he didn't. I moved in with him 9 months before we eventually broke up. He cheated on me. I moved out and moved back to my parents.

How old are you?>>>>>I'm 38 years old now
What is your diet like?>>>>I eat as healthy as possible (I've been off sugar and processed foods for the last 3 weeks) I did suffer with a terrible sugar addiction for cakes, cookies, ice cream. Under a lot of stress. I've since married and am very happy, but he is having slight financial issues and we are living in a 2 family with my mom. The only thing I worry about now is not being able to have sex on a regular basis with my husband due to the lack of natural female juices.

Are you taking any recreational drugs?>>>Occasionally pot, but very rare.

See Below for more details about my battle:
From the age of 21-36 I was on and off birth control pills--very low dosage because I suffered with the nausea, easy bruising and chronic yeast infections. I had regular periods throughout these years.

In May of 1999 under the care of my gynecologist and at the age of 36 I decided to get off the pill for the last time. In addition, I was suffering from a traumatic break up with a boyfriend. I replaced my grief with exercise (6 days a week, 3 hour days). After 6 months my period still had not returned and my gynecologist suggested to begin blood testing. He discovered a very high prolactin level (around the 104 range) and sent me
for a MRI. I've had 2 MRI's now (1999 and 2000 results in file) and both have come back negative except for a cyst that is dead center in my brain (again according to the report see in file). But no one seemed alarmed over that nor did they see a correlation to my amenorrhea.

My symptoms were sweating, agitation, irritability, palpitations, weight gain, thin brittle finger nails, dry flaky patchy skin, decreased taste, absent of menstruation, muscle spasms, dry hair, bloated face, visual changes- I'm now near sighted, decreased sex drive, and headaches.

From 1999 to now, I've been to see 3 endocrinologists, one
reproductive endocrinologist, an internist, a gastroenterologist and 4 different gynecologists. I've had an osteoporosis test (so far I'm fine)
along with a battery of other tests (sonograms - pelvic and throat & 24 hr urine analysis and bloods for my thyroid and allergies).

The first endocrinologist put me on dostinex for about a year
(October 1999 to Sept. 2000) and the prolactin had decreased during this yea (.71,) but my period did not return and I gained 28 pounds. What ended our relationship
was that he said I was developing a goiter. I researched it and discovered that it is quite serious. I asked what were his plans to control this. He said he didn't know what to do for the treatment but if I really wanted him to do something, he would put me on some kind of medicine that would be experimental because he wasn't sure what kind to give me. Needless to say I never returned to him.

The reproductive endocrinologist took me off Dostinex and gave me (vegetable based) estrogen along with Provera. I had a fake period that lasted about 6 days. On 1/26/01 he ran a blood test and my Prolactin was up to 56. After I had the fake period he said that he was done with me, unless I wanted to become pregnant (which I did not at that time).

Jan. 2001, the 2nd endocrinologist suggested I take Parladel or Dostinex; even though my Prolactin level was at 39.5 (August 2001). This number was achieved without medication for over a year and a half. I refused to take the Parladel or Dostinex because the side effects were too much for me to handle. She said that if the Prolactin was raised beyond 50, Dostinex would be necessary. Low and behold around December 2001 my Prolactin was at 54.9,but I still did not take the Dostinex because the pharmacies did not have any in stock. I'm still seeing her.

Feb. 2001 I found a gynecologist that gave a name to my condition (Hypothelemic Amenorrehea). She believes that my period may never return. She is a specialist with menopausal women and assured me that I am not pre or post menopausal despite the symptoms.

Sept. 2001: I found a naturopathic internist that recommended a hormone replacement compound (Trieste 5 mg combined with Progesterone SR 50 mg in one pill every evening) because she believed that I was menopausal. I took the HRT; it has alleviated some of my symptoms like: hot flashes, painful intercourse, headaches, dizziness, extremely low libido, vaginal dryness). But these symptoms still persisted (elevated Prolactin, itchy rectum and vagina, teeth grinding, tooth aches, ear ringing, heart palpitations, heaviness in chest, foggy clogged feeling around sinuses. Also periodically if I begin to read I will have unfocused vision with a feeling of floating--you know that feeling you experience on a rollercoaster or elevator when it descends).

December 2001: I developed severe bloating in my stomach along with a cyst on my stomach. I was given an antibiotic for the cyst (from the naturopath internist) and it went down, but not all the way. I had a CT scan of my abdomen and pelvis and am awaiting results as part of the visit with my gastroenterologist.

I suspect now that I have chronic systemic Candida and it is at the root of all my problems. I took a Candida test and a normal number was 140 and I had 393. On January 2nd I got off sugar and on January 7th I got off white floured products and many of my vitamins (B-12, C, Omega 3, Berry oil). The 3rd endocrinologist (a specialist) took blood on 1/2/02 and wants a second blood test on 1/23/02 without any HRT or Dostinex in my system. I stopped the HRT that night. My hot flashes have started to return.

(1/6/02), I've developed a cold and I can't sleep well. On Jan. 7th I went back on the vitamins and some echineacea and golden seal and the cold is holding back a bit.
During my frustration with regular MD's I also tried a couple of holistic routes. I've had 20 sessions from an acupuncturist and during this time, I had another fake period (July 2001) using estrogen and provera. This time it lasted about 8 days in all.

The acupuncturist suggested I take my morning temperature. My body temperature range for this one month test was anywhere from 94.7 to 97.0. After he was done with me, I saw a Repatterning Systemic Chiropractor (2 sessions) nothing happened. I'm seeing an osteopathic (so far 4 sessions and nothing); however, he has now suggested a candida detox from MetaMetrix from Ideal Health (after I told him about my candida research).

Can you help me? I'm so frustrated and saddened by my
experience--I'll await your response

Thanks again and also with much LOVE!!!!

Susun's Response: there is no such as a disease called "Candida"

Thanks so much for sharing so much. Susun will be here on Monday and she willtake time to answer you as best she can. I know she will, among other things, recommend you start to drink nourishing herbal infusions such as Stinging Nettles.

It is wonderful that you are cleaning up your diet and eliminating white sugar and processed foods. She will most likely also suggest you eat yogurt! Also, according to Susun there is no such thing as a disease called "Candida"... I am copying a response she wrote to another woman, there may be something helpful for you here:

    Subject: Bladder infection, or Interstitial cystitis BUT not "Candida"
            Susun's Response:

Every healthy human has Candida in their gut. It is one of the most important organisms of the 400 molds, yeasts, bacteria, and fungi that colonize our intestines. Without these microbial helpers we would be unable to digest Any food at all.

The problem is not having Candida, But not having the other helpers, thus causing the Candida to grow. Your diet needs to include high concentrations of fermented foods -- yogurt, miso, sourdough bread, home brewed wine and beer, sauerkraut, and cheeses like Camembert and Brie -- not to be devoid of them.

I would guess that you have a sub clinical bladder infection. Have you been drinking (non-sweetened) cranberry juice? Have you tried a course of uva ursi, an excellent bladder disinfectant? There other possibility is that you have interstitial cystitis (tiny ulcers in the lining of the bladder). Recommendations for
women with IC are in my book New Menopausal Years the Wise Woman Way.

Further, Susun does not believe the body ever needs to be detoxed! So,
you will hear something about that from her too...

And, of course, I personally think you would benefit from picking up a
copy of her NEW Menopausal Years book, which is specifically for women 30-90 and has so many great cures in it....Including remedies for lack of natural
female juices!

Anyhow, Expect to hear from Susun on Monday, she no doubt will have something good to tell you!

> >Love,

Happy Friday Justine,

I'm just gearing up for my conversation with your Mom on Monday.
Should I call her and if so what time?
Thanks for everything you are doing for me!!!

Dear Karen

I don't know if I can help, but I am certainly willing to share as much as I know with you.

To start, can you tell me what has not worked? Also, will you please take a
look at my six steps of healing. Go to

I will want to follow that pattern in trying remedies with you. Let me know what you think. I will be here again in a week and we can continue then.

Green Blessings, Susun Weed

I'm confused by a couple things in the six steps of healing....

After looking at your six steps of healing I'm confused by some things:

Step 5a: Use supplements (synthesized/concentrated vitamins or minerals,
special foods like royal jelly or spirulina). Supplements are not step 3.
There's always the risk with synthesized/concentrated substances that
they'll do more harm than good, e.g., the men who took fish liver oil in
capsules and had a greater mortality from heart disease (the oil was

"Should we use supplements or not, don't want to do anything that will kill
me---I love life and want to live a long and healthy one."

Step 5b: Use drugs (synthesized alkaloids, oral and injectable hormones,
high dilution homeopathic). Overdose may cause grave injury or death.

"In previous e-mail you said not to take hormones now this says to use them
or are you saying not to use them?"

Step 6: Break and enter (fear-inspiring language, surgery, colonics,
Rolfing, psychoactive drugs, invasive "diagnostic" tests such as mammograms
and biopsies). Side effects are inevitable and may include permanent injury
or death.

"So I guess I shouldn't bother getting an MRI on my head again to see if
there is a tumor in there----which is reflective of the elevated Prolactin.

Can't wait to hear from you next week. Oh please don't forget to tell me
where to send the check and also the range of a donation!"

   Susun's Response: I am sorry I was not clear in my previous message

Karen, I am sorry I was not clear in my previous message.

My mom does not do free phone consultations in the winter. When I said she would answer you on Monday, I meant by email. Every week she visits me (and my computer) so she can answer the special emails I have saved for her.

We get about 50 emails per day; I select about 10% for her to answer personally, which means she has 35-40 emails to answer personally. Your message to her (and my response to you) is in her folder so she can write to you and share her
thoughts. Often, women will write back to her and she will continue to
answer until they get as much help as they need. This may take a few weeks,
though so patience is a virtue. But, it's all free so who can complain?

From the 150 emails she answers each month, I select about 10 to include in
her monthly newsletter; of course confidentiality is respected and we don't
include any names or email addresses. The rest I keep or discard, depending
on the nature. The keepers I will put on a web page sometime soon, when
time permits, so other women can benefit from these messages. This of
course will be big work, but it will allow Susun to answer less emails as
the demand for her time grows in the busy months.

During the summer months she devotes a few hours per week to free phone
consultations. You may want to call her then, but for now lets work via
email. You have given us lots of details in your follow-up email so it
should be easier for her to answer you comprehensively. I hope she has
something helpful to say. Also, have you visited the links I included in
the last email I sent and are you staying to your no sugar diet?
Ultimately, your good health is in your own hands and Susun can only help
guide you in the right direction...

Please accept my apology for my lack of clarity in my former email.
Sending love,

Subject: Re: hello right back at ya!

And to answer your questions

Hi Justine,

I'm sorry, you did provide comprehensive info---I just forgot the set up.
E-mail is great!!! And free advice from someone like Susun is the best gift
I could have received whether it is in the winter via e-mail or phone calls
in the summer. Because I have gone through most of my savings trying to
find out what is wrong with me and how to correct it. I feel so privileged
that you have taken up my cause and chosen my story for your Mom to respond
to!!!! Thanks so much. Did you do it because you remember Chantal or just
that I sounded so pathetic and desperate? LOL ;-)

I slipped up today and had something sweet but I'm already feeling the
effects and won't do it again. I want to get her book this weekend; can you
recommend a health food store where her NEW menopausal book is distributed?

So far I do have 9 specific questions that I'd like you to save for Susun:

1. What does she think of Vitex (Chaste Tree?).
2. I have a very distended belly anything I could do for that?
3. What does she feel about prescriptions of Hormone Replacement Therapy
from gynecologists?
4. Does she believe in having a fake period through gynecologists'
5. Has she heard of Nature's Sunshine products "Female Comfort" it has these
ingredients in it:
Red Raspberry Leaves (Rubus idaeus)
Dong Quai Root (Angelica sinensis)
Ginger Root (Zingiber officinale)
Licorice Root (Glycyrrhiza glabra)
Black Cohosh Root (Cimicifuga racemosa)
Blessed Thistle Whole Herb (Cnicus benedictus)
Marshmallow Root (Althaea officinalis)
Queen of the Meadow Herb (Eupatorium purpureum)
6. If she were in my shoes---what tests would she have a medical doctor
perform other than the ones I've done so far (thyroid, blood, urine, saliva,
stool, sonogram on pelvis (there are eggs still in my ovaries)
7. Has she heard of Dr. Biamonte and his philosophy on detoxing parasites?
He gave me some herbs to take for this and the side effects sound the
same as how I felt prior to my abandoning sugar.
8. I know she doesn't believe in detoxing but is detox the same as
9. Has she ever known someone to lose their period through consuming large
quantities of sugar, white rice, pasta, bread and then regain it back by
giving up sugar, white rice, pasta, bread?

Thanks Justine and feel free to tell my story!!!! I want it told; my Mom
said if I ever get better, I should write a book myself.

Can't wait to hear from your MOM--I've waited 2-1/2 years so I can wait a
couple of weeks more to get my new lease on life!

Subject: Re: answer your 9 questions

Dear Karen

My first email answered your first email letter to me. Now, nearly an hour later, I have finished reading the entire correspondence between you and Justine. I will do my best to answer your 9 questions. I would like to ask you to consider making a donation to the scholarship fund in return for my help. You are paying others big bucks for their help. I won't charge you, but would really like it if you could find it in your heart to help other women who want to learn how to use herbs but can't afford it. Thanks.

1. What does she think of Vitex (Chaste Tree?).

      I suspect that taking a dropperful dose of this four times a day for 3-6 months could make some strong changes in your system and symptoms.

2. I have a very distended belly anything I could do for that?

      Is it from gas? If so, eat more yogurt. Also, you could try taking 5-10 drops of dandelion tincture before meals. If neither of these work, then the bloating is not related to digestion, I would say, and we could try something else.

3. What does she feel about prescriptions of Hormone Replacement Therapy from gynecologists?

     Menopause is a passage like puberty. Taking hormones short circuits this passage, keeps you infantile, and prevents you from being a powerful woman. Additionally, it increases you risk of lung cancer, uterine and endometrial cancer, breast cancer, heart disease, blood clots, and gall bladder disease. Sounds like you have enough problems without creating new ones by taking drugs. (Remember the six steps of healing; HRT is step 5)

4. Does she believe in having a fake period through gynecologists' prescriptions?

     Absolutely not. If having a period is a sign of health, having a fake one is a sign of fake health. You seem to me to be very uneasy about your body; many people are. That is why so many people use drugs: to make their bodies do as they will, instead of listening to the wisdom of the body and doing as it wills.

5. Has she heard of Nature's Sunshine products "Female Comfort" it has these ingredients in it:
Red Raspberry Leaves (Rubus idaeus)
Dong Quai Root (Angelica sinensis)
Ginger Root (Zingiber officinale)
Licorice Root (Glycyrrhiza glabra)
Black Cohosh Root (Cimicifuga racemosa)
Blessed Thistle Whole Herb (Cnicus benedictus)
Marshmallow Root (Althaea officinalis)
Queen of the Meadow Herb (Eupatorium purpureum)

        If we are going to work together, I will ask you not to take anything in pill form. Herbs in capsules are dangerous. I avoid them completely. In addition, we will probably only work with one, at the most two, herbs at a time. Needless to say I would not want you to use a formula like the one you listed. Several of those herbs could worsen your symptoms.

6. If she were in my shoes---what tests would she have a medical doctor
perform other than the ones I've done so far (thyroid, blood, urine, saliva,
stool, sonogram on pelvis (there are eggs still in my ovaries)

        In your shoes, I would take them off. I would not have any tests at all done. I believe that you are making yourself more and more sick with these tests.

7. Has she heard of Dr. Biamonte and his philosophy on detoxing parasites? He gave me some herbs to take for this and the side effects sounded like the same way I felt prior to my abandoning sugar.

     The parasite scam is an old one. You can fall for it if you really hate yourself. I hope to help you to love yourself. I can almost guarantee that you do not have parasites. And if you did, I will guarantee that your symptoms have nothing to do with that. Did you take his herbs? I bet they were powdered and in capsules. See my answer to question 5.

8. I know she doesn't believe in detoxing but is detox the same as

      There are no toxins in the human body. When we metabolize we create by products that are unusable. These are excreted by the kidneys. If we want to be healthier, we can strengthen the liver and the kidneys. If we want to be sicker, we can try to cleanse.

Disinfection means to kill disease causing bacteria. It usually promotes resistant bacteria, in the body, and in the world. I believe it would be a terrible thing for you to do. A strong digestive system contains plenty of health-giving molds, yeasts, bacteria, and fungi, which prevent disease-causing types from growing. Let's make you healthy and strong with nourishing herbs instead of looking for something to kill and perhaps kill you by mistake.

9. Has she ever known someone to lose their period through consuming large quantities of sugar, white rice, pasta, bread and then regain it back by giving up sugar, white rice, pasta, bread?

      No. Absurd. Impoverished starving women have periods. Women who survive on junk food have periods. Please stop beating yourself up. The taste of mother's milk is sweet. We all crave sweet; it is the taste of life. Let up on yourself. Choose healthy sweets like dried fruit, chocolate, honey, malt syrup, maple syrup, then indulge yourself. Let yourself love life; it is sweet.
The healthiest diet gives us the most nutrition for the least calories. The problem with white refined sugar and flour is that they have little nutrition and lots of calories. But they are not devils and do not by themselves make anyone sick.

You can disregard my question about what has not worked, as you have answered it. But do look at the six steps of healing.

We can begin with step 0. Please write back and tell me how you are going to be doing nothing, be specific.

And we need to set a time frame for this first step.

And specific goals: such as, within two weeks my bloat will be gone, or within a month I will feel that I am on the right track.

The goal is up to you. I am here to help you achieve it. One cannot just say I want to be healthy. One must create health a bit by a bit, a step at a time.

Green Blessings, Susun Weed

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        Ovarian Cyst, Heavy Periods and Nourishing Herbs

I firstly must say I find your site very inspirational!

Approximately 8 years ago I had a large dermoid ovarian cyst removed in an emergency operation when I was 17 weeks pregnant. Since the operation, my whole state of health has altered. I have gained an enormous amount of weight and am prone to depression and anxiety/panic attacks.

I work as an aromatherapist and massage therapist, mainly with people with learning difficulties. I also have a large family. I just want to feel like myself again and renew my inner strength and peace. I suffer with very heavy periods,which I feel is due to my weight, do you have any suggestions for me..........even though I find it easy to guide others to better health, I am lost...........

thank you H

Susun's Response: Drink nourishing herbal infusions

You could start to make and drink nourishing herbal infusions and begin some gentle exercise program. Nettles and Oatstraw will be of particular help to you, but infuse them separately. Drink one for a week, then switch to another so you get full benefit of each. Don't mix herbs or take them in pill form.

Also you may find a friend in Vitex tincture, Motherwort tincture, and St. Joan's Wort tincture. I am sending you a few links to articles you will want to read, to explain the benefits of all the herbal infusions and tinctures I have suggested above.. Please write again if you have any further questions.


If you do not have a health food store near you where you can find these herbs in bulk and the tinctures premade, then you can find places to order via mail on our links page.

Justine (Susun's daughter)

black & white illustrations are by Durga Bernhard from Susun Weed's Healing Wise the second Wise Woman Herbal       back to LIST


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