black & white illustrations are by Durga Bernhard from Susun Weed's Healing Wise the second Wise Woman Herbal
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  black & white illustrations are by Durga Bernhard from Susun Weed's Healing Wise the second Wise Woman Herbal
Natural Birth Control

Dear Susan,
Good day.

I hope all is well with you.

I've been doing research on natural methods of birth control. A female herbalist at The Herb King, in Santa Monica, CA, referred me to you. I'm hoping that you can aid me in my search.

I believe in herbs. I believe in the power of the mind. And I believe that, to use herbs safely, we must respect the herb.

In this politically incorrect area of "natural birth control," however, I am finding very little, if no answers. I need direction, and it's been very difficult to find. Everyone is afraid to give me specifics. I can understand why, and it's unfortunate that we're all governed by fear, but either way, I still must find an answer. As far as North American herbs, I've read the most highly favorable references for the use of pennyroyal. However, I don't know anything about dosages, effectiveness. I would love to find someone who has done research on this, and might possibly have statistics. Please, Susan, if you know of anyone who has knowledge in this area, and can help me out, I would be so greatly appreciative.

Thank you so very much for your time.

All Best,

               Susun's Response :check out herbal birth control

Dear Jotie,

Guess you don't have my book Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year. It contains a section on herbal birth control with specific dosages.

In general birth control herbs fall into several categories:
Implantation preventers, like wild carrot seed
Abortant agents, which are poisoners, like pennyroyal and tansy
Abortant agents contain oxytocin like cotton root bark

All are discussed in detail in my book. Check it out at

Green Blessings, Susun Weed

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                                              Cysts and Fibroids

Dear Susun,

I was recently diagnosed with a cyst on my right ovary and 2 fibroids. I am 44. Do you have any recommendations on herbal treatment? Or for a book that has the info. I may need?

P.S. I attended a workshop at your place in Woodstock some years ago.

Susun's Response: Cysts and Fibroids


Thanks for writing to us. Susun will reply to you next week when she returns from Florida.

Read this article from her NEW Menopausal Years book ;

Also, a poultice of chickweed and tincture as well. Also burdock root poultice, oil or leaf poultice too...There are 45 pages on chickweed and burdock in Susun Weed's Healing Wise.

Justine (Susun's daughter)

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My 4 year Old Daughter with Precocious Puberty?


I am writing to you to request your help for a health condition that my 4 year old daughter has. I am not sure if this is something that is even appropriate
for me to ask. I came across your name, from the Red Moon Herbs website, which I came across from the Earth Haven website. I read your website over and thought that maybe you would be someone with experience in this area.

My daughter is 4 years old and has central precocious puberty, which began when she was about 2 years old. After numerous tests, including an MRI (showing no tumors present), it was determined by medical doctors that she has a malfunctioning pituitary gland that is producing estrogen and putting her into puberty at this early age.

Naturally, we declined medical treatment that was offered to us, in the form of potentially harmful drugs. We are still seeing the endocrinologist, but are not exactly sure why, because there really is nothing more that seems to be offered
to us there, at least not things that we would consider. We have changed our lives around very much from the way they were, although we still have long ways to go…

We are very cautious as to what we eat, and stick to organics, what we do, what is in our environment (ridding our home of plastics, petrochemicals...and rebuilding our home to be a healthier one using inert, and non chemically treated products) , and the choices we make.

We are not sure why she has this. I can speculate it could either be the steroid I was treated with during pregnancy to keep from going into labor, or the non-organic and probably very dangerous formula and foods she ate during her first 2 years of life......We have since learned of the dangers of the ignorance we had for life.......

I have been searching for different things that may stop her pituitary from producing so much estrogen, and perhaps slow down this growth and puberty process that is occurring. I have found several herbs and foods to avoid as they have estrogen enhancing properties, but cannot find anything that helps. I
have been referred to high soy diets, which, after researching both soy and it's progesterone effects, feel this to be a possible dangerous experiment. I practice some aromatherapy to help with my own health, but have not come across any essential oils that I have found that might be of help.

I am very worried about the effects that this early exposure of estrogen could have on her chances for problems in the future. Naturally, ever medical doctor I have spoken with has said that they don't know, and every naturopath that I have talked to is too unfamiliar in detail with women's health to offer any information or help.

I do not know if this is something that you would normally do or if I will receive a response to this.

However, if you do have the time, please know that anything that you can provide me with, would be so very, very much appreciated.

Thank you so much,
Jen and family

Susun's Response: perhaps Vitex (Chasteberry) could be an ally

Dear Jen and family

I hear you. What a distressing situation. And, what a good job you are doing of informing yourself and creating a healthy environment for your daughter. I agree that it could be laid to the fault of the steroids you were given while pregnant.

I myself took birth control pills for the first five months of my pregnancy with my lovely daughter Justine. As you have found, no one knew what to tell me and that was before ultrasound so we didn't know until she was born if she had been damaged by the hormones. No. she is not. And I believe that your daughter will grow up to be healthy too.

All that you are doing sounds great: no plastic, no chemicals. I agree that you and your daughter would do well to avoid soy except for miso and tamari.

There are two things you don't mention that may help. One is light, or rather its absence. Make sure your daughter sleeps in a totally dark room, no nightlight, no LEDs. You might even want to cover the windows and block the crack at the bottom of the door.

And perhaps Vitex (Chasteberry) could be an ally. It is said to reset the pituitary and pineal glands and counter too much estrogen.

Virtually every plant contains some phytoestrogens, I would not worry about that at all. In fact, the more plants with phytoestrogens eaten, the less effect the body's own estrogen has, so you may want to eat more roots, berries, and whole grains.

Please keep in touch and let us know from time to time how you and your daughter are. If anything I offer helps please let me know so I can tell others. And if there is any problem, or no effect, let me know that too.

Wishing you all lots of Green Blessings, Susun Weed

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Post-abortion herbs to restore physical health?

Hi Susan

I sat at your feet in awe in Akld, New Zealand in 1988 and spent a wonderful
few days absorbing micro slices of your knowledge. Thank you.

Your advice and my developed love of weeds especially in association with
childbearing/women's health issues have proved invaluable over the last 13
years and I have a gorgeous daughter (home birth in 88) and a handful of
unwanted potential pregnancies which I didn't carry to term thanks to the
armful of empowering herbs and spiritual guidance I had at my disposal.

Today I was diagnosed with a "missed abortion" at 14 weeks pregnancy, and it
appears that the fetus has been dead since 6-7 weeks, whereby I underwent a
surgical abortion, had my cervix manually dilated and the unwanted matter
extracted by D&C, etc.

What I'd like to know now is which herbs should I be taking in a
post-abortive scenario to restore physical health and reduce shock ASAP? I
assume raspberry leaf and nettle are good and am planning on boosting my
Iron/calcium levels... any information you can provide is much appreciated.

Thanks again.


           Susun's Response: sounds good- maybe some Echinacea also

Dear Chanda,

Nothing special to add. just perhaps some Echinacea to help prevent infection from the invasive attack on your uterus.

Ps. those dead fetuses are spontaneously aborted without invasion by women who are willing to wait. I did when my fetus died and never went near an MD.

Green Blessings, Susun Weed

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Dental X-rays + Novocain

Dear Susun,

I'm so happy to have come across your website. I took a 1-day workshop with you almost twenty years ago & still refer to my crumpled-up notes. As of this e-mail, I seem to be pregnant but am extremely anxious because I had dental work done last week that included 1 x-ray and Novocain. I've been drinking miso soup, sprinkling seaweed on food and drinking nettles tea - any advice?

Many thanks, M

Susun's Response: your baby is fine

Dear M.

Sounds like you are doing the best you can. I would suppose they put a lead apron over your belly. The amount of exposure to x-rays at the dentists' office is very low and unlikely to have damaged your baby in any way. In the future, eat that miso soup before the x-rays and eat lots of cooked carrots and sweet potatoes beforehand too. This prevents damage to cells from the x-rays.

Burdock and seaweed, eaten as vegetables, help remove any radioactivity from your body. And they are best afterward the exposure. But sprinkling seaweed on your food is not really enough. You need to eat it as a vegetable. See my book Healing Wise for recipes. Also nettle is better as an infusion than as a tea. Again, any of my books give directions for making infusions.

I agree with Justine that it is very important to stop worrying and concentrate on visualizing your healthy baby. Good luck

Green Blessings, Susun Weed

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                                               Benign Tumors

Do you have a sure remedy for benign tumors, like the essaic/wessaic for cancer?
You can tell me, I am not the general public, you can talk to me straight. I think my bunny rabbit has a benign tumor too.

Thank you.
Best Regards, Jan

Susun's Response: Re: sleeping dogs


Like what kind of benign tumor? And, if it is benign why ask it to go away? Maybe it is protecting you from something. I trust my body to know better than I what it is doing. Are you drinking your nourishing herbal infusions, exercising regularly, and eating whole grains and cooked greens? If so, I am not worried.

Chickweed is considered a dissolving agent, internally as a tincture, externally as a poultice. Castor oil packs are also thought to be able to dissolve any growth. But you probably already know about these as they are in my Breast book.

Hope this helps.

Green Blessings, Susun Weed

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Abscesses in daughters teeth

Dear Susun,

My daughter is 2.5 years old and she has lots of decay in her
teeth. I nursed her until she was almost 2 and she rarely eats sugary food.
Her front four top teeth are decayed and the side two are decayed to the gums
and have abscessed. She has had the abscesses for one or two months and I'm
treating it with myrhh tincture on it and have been doing a plantain
poultice mixed with a little honey to hold it together and encourage her to
do it. I have only been using the plantain for about a week now and it seemed
to greatly help at first, but now its not doing so much.

I also was using hepar sulph. homeopathic but stopped a week ago as it wasn't doing much. I also give her a spoonful of garlic honey a day trying to keep her immune system up. Yes, its a lot of honey, but I feel the benefits of the
garlic and plantain out weigh the sugar.?

The dentists all say to do general anesthesia and pull all four teeth but that feels very wrong to me. I am looking for a dentist who is willing to do local and only pull the two abscessed teeth. I would really like to avoid that until she is older.

I was thinking of adding astragulus brews to her daily drink but
am not sure as I haven't used it before. If you have any suggestions or ideas
about how I could help her body dance with the infection and postpone or not
do any pulling of the teeth, I would be most appreciative.

I would also like to know what you feel might be best out of my options which are: to continue to work with and try to clear the abscesses, to have the two teeth
pulled with local anesthesia, or to have the teeth pulled with general anesthesia.

Thank you so much for your time. That you even are available to answer questions is so relieving to me. To think I may have another persons input on it and may not be so alone in my quest for other options.

sincerely Corrie

                         Susun's Response: try Echinacea root

You must be very careful with infection in the teeth and gums as it could spread easily to the head and brain causing permanent damage.

Echinacea root is the herb you want to use to help with the infection in your daughter's mouth. Give at least two tablespoons of the infusion (water base) daily for every ten pounds of body weight. You can give more if desired, as there seems to be no reasonable amount that would be an overdose. Limit the course of Echinacea to two weeks and repeat it if necessary after a break of two weeks.

Entrenched infections and infections which have been treated with repeated doses of allopathic antibiotics often require two or more courses of Echinacea infusions.

Diffuse the infusion in water, milk, or juice to make it more palatable for your child.

Susun uses Echinacea with confidence in the worst situations. However, do get a second opinion right away and have those bad teeth pulled as quickly as possible.

The Echinacea treatment will help your daughter cope with the stress of the surgery and will speed her healing.

Susun is away, and the information I have written above comes directly from her book Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year.

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I am 40 years old and attempting my second pregnancy. The first attempt, a
couple of months ago, ended in miscarriage at approximately 5 weeks. I
experienced cramps in the lower abdominal throughout the pregnancy. Note: I
also ran approximately 5 miles a day.

According to a home pregnancy test, I am pregnant again. I am experiencing cramping again. However, this time I am drinking about a quart of red raspberry tea, and recently (today) started drinking "Traditional Medicinals" pregnancy tea (raspberry leaf, strawberry leaf, spearmint leaf, nettle leaf, rose hip, sweet fennel seed, alfalfa leaf, lemon verbena leaf.

I also started taking wild yam in capsule form. Is the capsule form of wild yam effective? What else would you recommend to minimize risk of miscarriage? Should I abandon running and do a milder form of exercise?

I am a vegetarian (vegan), and I juice vegetables twice a day. I feel my
body is stronger than it was in my twenties. I am trying not to be
discouraged, but I am concerned about the ability to carry this pregnancy to
full term. Please help.


Susun's Response: Please eat better

Dear Holly,
Yes, I would strongly advise you to stop running five miles a day. But the real problem is the fact that you are starving yourself and therefore cannot carry a pregnancy because you don't even have enough to feed yourself let alone create a whole new human being.

What do I mean starving yourself? There is virtually no nutrition at all in juiced fruits and vegetables. Please stop doing this. Eat your fruits and vegetables cooked from now on.

And please, please, please, consider eating a small amount of meat. You really need it. Herbs are not going to make up for the lacks you are experiencing.
In my 35 years of teaching and reading I have seen this problems over and over again with strict vegetarian and vegan women. There is no way you can be healthy and have a healthy baby on a vegan diet. Please reconsider for the sake of your dream of being a mother.

I avoid herbs in capsules. I am not sure this is the best herb for you considering all the other herbs you are talking. I am a simpler and usually use only one herb at a time so I know what is happening.

Are you drinking nourishing herbal infusions or just teas? Go for infusions.Hope this helps.
Green Blessings, Susun Weed
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                                          Induced Miscarriage

I've been looking through Ms. Weed's sites and I concluded that this may be most helpful. I would like to induce a miscarriage herbally, but I haven't found anything concrete that explains how.

This was a difficult decision for me to make, but I prefer to do it naturally and privately. I don't want it to progress too much further, though. Would you be able
to give me direction on how to do this?? I really could use guidance before stepping out on my own to do this.

Thanks for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.

Susun's Response: visit zeus online


Thank you for writing. You can visit sister zeus online she has all the info you will need. Sending love and blessings, Justine
Living with Our Fertility
A Women's Guide to Synergistic Fertility Management
Fertility Awareness, Herbs affecting the Menstrual Cycle, Herbal Contraception & Herbal Abortion ~ An Alternative Approach ~

Preventing and Ending Pregnancy

Miscarriage question again

Thank you for responding so quickly. I've exhausted those sites trying to find concrete directions on what to mix or how to prepare a remedy but I haven't seen
anything. I know what to use but don't know how to use it.

I started vitamin c as soon as I found out, but I only spotted once on one day and then it stopped. Is there any one thing that I can have prepared by an
Herbalist or by myself that is effective? Tomorrow, I will be five weeks, and I'm desperately trying not to get past 6. Is there any help??

Susun's Response: 5 weeks is pretty far along

Samantha, honestly at 5 weeks it's pretty far along. The two strongest uterine contractors, according to Susun Weed's Childbearing Year book, are Cotton root bark and Blue Cohosh root. From page 11:

Cotton root bark is reported to be the safest and most certain herbal abortifacient. I have tried to obtain some organic Cotton root bark for six years now, without success. My information on its effectiveness comes from a study done by a women's health collective in New Mexico. They used an infusion taken by sips throughout the day until the abortion was well under way. This is apparently a traditional method of birth control among Native Americans who grow cotton. Specific information on dosage and possible side effects should be available to women who live in the South and seek out a traditional healer or curandera.

Blue Cohosh root is usually combined with Pennyroyal when used as an abortifacent. There are any number of ways to prepare and ingest this combination. Both Pennyroyal and Blue Cohosh are toxic in excess and can easily overtax the liver and kidneys. Headache and extreme nausea have been reported by many women using these herbs. This is a common remark: "I knew that if I could just drink one more cup of that infusion, I would abort, but I threw up every time I tried to!" CAUTION: Do not use Blue Cohosh if you have low blood pressure.

Emmenagogue Formulae
The following two formulae are in general use and seem to be erratically successful. Do not increase the amount of herb in the formulae; do not exceed the recommended dose; do not take for longer than five days; do not use both formulae together. CAUTION: Blue Cohosh may raise the blood pressure.

Emmenagogue Brew
2 T. Blue Cohosh root, dried
2 T. Pennyroyal leaves, dried
2 T. Tansy in flower, dried

Put the Blue Cohosh into a quart of water in a pan and bring to a boil. Put the other herbs into a quart jar. When the Blue Cohosh and water boils, pour into the jar with the other herbs. Put on a tight lid and let steep for at least 30 minutes. Strain out herbs and reheat before using.

Blue Cohosh can stimulate uterine contractions, but the responsible principle is not very soluble in water, even when the root is boiled. Americal Pennyroyal strongly encourages the uterus to empty out and bleed. Tansy has been used by Wise Woman in Europe and the Americas for centuries to facilitate menstruation and induce abortion. Together, these three emmenagogues can produce a profuse menstrual flow in sensitive women.

The usual dose is a steaming hot cupful every four hours for up to five days, or until bleeding is well under way. The effectiveness of this formula is enhanced by the addition of a tablespoon of brewer's yeast to every cup.

Emmenagogue Combination
20 drops Blue Cohosh tincture
20 drops Black Cohosh tincture
20 drops American Pennyroyal tincture

Measure tinctures into a cup of warm water and drink slowly. Repeat every four hours for no more than five days. Continue for one full day after bleeding starts, to insure complete expulsion of all fetal material.

Blue Cohosh tincture stimulates production of oxytocin, the hormone responsible for uterine contraction. Black Cohosh tincture enhances and supplements the action of the Blue Cohosh. Pennyroyal tincture is an old favorite for "suppressed menstruation."

Above is excerpt from Susun Weed's Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year available from
for more excerpts visit

Personally, I have been to planned parenthood several times to terminate unwanted/unexpected pregnancies. It's not pleasant, but then again neither is drinking poison....six of one, half a dozen of the other...You may consider making an appointment, as it takes a few weeks to get one, and try your infusion. If it does not work, then you can use the appointment. Fail-safe plan.


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Postpartum Depression

Can you please tell me how to find a specific article, or a book that can help me with alternatives to drugs for postpartum depression?

Thank you, Judith

Susun's Response: here is some info for you


Here is the excerpt on depression from Susun Weed's Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year, pp. 82-83:


Postpartum depression is related to the rapid readjustment of hormones in the mother's body after the birth. Herbs which aid the body in rebalancing hormones are given here, along with other remedies.

Figs, sprouts, royal jelly, bee pollen, Ginseng, Hops, and Sasparilla help the body process and balance hormones.

Breast feeding is probably the best cure for postpartum depression. The process helps moderate hormonal swings, increase the endorphin level and allows your body to regain hormonal balance slowly and evenly.

Lemon Balm leaves - Considered a specific for helping one cope with life situations that are difficult to accept, such as the many unexpected changes a new child brings to its parents, Melissa is an old favorite for depression, melancholy, and hysteria. One or two cups of the good tasting infusion, mellowed with milk and honey, every day for a week or two will suffice.

Blessed Thistle leaves - The intensely bitter Milk Thistle has a wide reputation for alleviating many postpartum problems, including severe depression. Use a cup or two of infusion daily or up to 80 drops per day of the equally effective. but not so bitter, tincture.

Recipe from Susun Weed's Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year, p. 156

Postpartum Depression Brew

1/2 oz. dried, shredded Licorice root
1 oz. dried, crumbled Raspberry leaf
1 oz. dried, finely cut Rosemary leaves
1 oz. dried, cut Skullcap

Mix the dried herbs thoroughly together. Use two teaspoons per cup of boiling water to prepare this strongly scented and interesting tasting tea.

Licorice favorably affects the hormonal balance and cheers the spirit. Raspberry leaf tones the uterus and ovaries and increases available calcium, making life seem easier. Rosemary increases the milk flow, ads calcium, tones the liver, and is a Wise Woman favorite for depression. Skullcap is also a source of calcium and is a superb nerve strengthener and soother; prolonged use establishes emotional calm.

The usual dose is two or more cups daily for several weeks to two months.

Also here's a Nice Article on Color therapy..

Justine (Susun's daughter)

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Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year

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