black & white illustrations are by Durga Bernhard from Susun Weed's Healing Wise the second Wise Woman Herbal
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  black & white illustrations are by Durga Bernhard from Susun Weed's Healing Wise the second Wise Woman Herbal

Emotional Overwhelm

Dear Susun,

I have a quick question for you if you don't mind.

Since doing the 2nd Green Witch Project and receiving a vision of myself in 13 moons
I have become overwhelmed with what I saw and the implications it will have on my
life. The vision was positive and in line with my inner bell but I am having a very hard
time processing all the emotions that it has brought up. Is there something I could be
doing to gently help myself emotionally.

Just so you know I am already drinking 2 cups of nettle infusion daily (just started a 
couple of days ago.)
Thanks for your time,

                                Susun's Response: Emotional Overwhelm


How about 10-15 drops of motherwort tincture. It is such a lovely calmative when
things are overwhelming.

Green Blessings, Susun Weed
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                                      Understanding Mental Illness

Hello Susun,

I'm a 22 year old woman from Michigan who's family has been going through some
pretty traumatic times with my 19 year old brother, who was diagnosed with
schizophrenia about 2 years ago. It's not a mild case. I'm feeling extremely confused
and bewildered since everything is basically out of my hands and natural healing is
pretty much out of the question.

I don't know how to accept this. There is so much healing needed for him and my
mother and father. I feel like I'm being drained of energy. And it seems that when
things get this serious, people who I used to feel so close to don't know what to say
to me and I'm left alone to think about it. I'm scared because I see my mother in so
much pain.

It's to the point where he probably won't be able to live with my family any more; it's
like we've lost him. Do you know of any kind of resources for people dealing with
"mental illnesses"? or any sort of suggestion for me? The resources I'm finding here
aren't much.

It's like I'm being forced to treat this as death, but it's not death. I think death might
be easier. I'm very overwhelmed by change. If you have any kind of suggestion or
teaching for me I would be more than grateful
If I'm stepping out of your expertise I understand. I just feel like I can't see this picture clearly. Thank you for listening.

Much love and Blessings, Mara

                                Susun's Response: Understanding Mental Illness


I feel how difficult this is for you. Schizophrenia is especially difficult since it appears
after the person is "grown" and seems to be an aberration. I agree that there is little
you can do; and nothing you have done or not done in the past has caused this. It is
in his brain.

You can continue to love him. You can treat it as a kind of death and let him stand
free of any need you have for him to be the brother you used to know. You can
remove all guilt and blame from your mind and rest in the chaos of the universe
which gives each one of us special gifts, many of which we don't especially want.

Motherwort tincture is a gentle calmative. A dose of 20-40 drops could help you
and your parents find some peace. Meditation is also very useful during such stressful
times. A quite time together may give you a sense of being a family again, even though
one of your members is "lost." Prayer helps those who can't seem to meditate. I
personally prefer long walks in nature when I am feeling extreme distress/loss.

Green Blessings, Susun Weed

          black & white illustrations are by Durga Bernhard from Susun Weed's Healing Wise the second Wise Woman Herbal    back to Remedies List



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