black & white illustrations are by Durga Bernhard from Susun Weed's Healing Wise the second Wise Woman Herbal
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  black & white illustrations are by Durga Bernhard from Susun Weed's Healing Wise the second Wise Woman Herbal

Becoming a Warrior

Dear Susun and Justine -
sorry it takes me so long to respond - with all that's going on these days, it's hard. -
I am 53 and I guess sort of thru my menopause time, what I'm looking for is, when am
I going to be that tough broad I've always wanted to be? You know, the one who is so
smart and compassionate and nothing stops her from speaking her mind and getting the
job done - I'm still so sweet - at least on the outside - so, how can I become the brave
crone - the warrior for peace and justice - I so want to be ? Should I practice throwing
fits? Take some chances? - what do you think - any advice?
looking forward to the new site - love all you do -

Thanks, Rita

Susun's Response: Re: baby crones can grow up

Take chances. Wear purple. Say no for no reason. Insist on time for yourself. Focus
your intention.

Maybe you aren't yet ready to go out into the world. At 53 you are still a baby crone,
you know. There are more changes to come. My astrologer friends say we aren't done
with menopause until we are past our second Saturn return (somewhere between 56
and 60), so start using that compassion on yourself.

When the time and the issues are right, your warrior will be ready.

Love and Green Blessings, Susun Weed
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Menopausal Years-Aging-Weight Gain

Dear Susan,

My menopause transition was extremely smooth with only minor hot flashes spanning
a few months. Nothing else. Everything about my body and emotions remained as
before. It was very good. Menopause occurred at age 49. At age 63, I remarried and
started having sex again. I did not engage in sex during the ages of 50 - 63. Was not interested - had many other interests.

My question is this - Since enjoying a sexual relationship again - why have I gained
weight? I also have the puffy, edema type skin all over my body and face, and cellulite
is rapidly growing everywhere. Why has sex made me fat / cellulite? All of my life I
was the type of person who could eat anything and never gain weight - so this is new to
me. I always had a slim figure and looked 15 years younger than my actual age
(good genes). Now I gain weight & cellulite when only eating small meals throughout
the day. Or eating regular meals twice per day. Basically, I gain weight no matter how
I eat.

Lately, I have noticed that when I use a progesterone cream for only 2-3 days, it
increases my sexual desires. When I don't use it, I am not interested - unless the
feeling of Love is especially strong!

This is probably a very strange question, but can you help?

Blessings, Elisabeth

Susun's Response: Re: there is an old woman I am beginning to know

Dear Elisabeth

Menopause releases kundalini energies which change our bodies in many ways.
Hot flashes help these changes. Since you had so few flashes, perhaps those changes
never really got done. In fact, you say that everything about you remained the same.
That makes me think that you did not really go through CHANGE.

Now that you are sexually active, hormones are being made and kundalini is moving
through your body and you are finally changing into a healthy crone. Yes, crones who
are skinny are not healthy. You probably need that extra weight. Yes, you have to say goodbye to the you who passed as a young woman. You are not her any more.

Cellulite is a natural effect caused by the internal structure of our thighs and buttocks,
not some punishment for growing older. Gravity has claimed its due, as it does with
all of us.

I am sure you engage in regular exercise and eat whole grains, lots of greens, and dairy products. These are the most important health measures for us as older women. I drink nourishing herbal infusions every day to supply myself with lots of vitamins and minerals.
I make sure to eat at least a quart of plain yogurt a week, too.

I know you hoped for an answer to help you avoid your aging, but I sincerely hope
you can hear this answer and create a self image more in line with what your body is
saying is best for you. It was hard for me, but I have done it (with lots of help).

Green Blessings, Susun Weed
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                           Menopause-Weight Gain and Diet
Susun -
I'm about to turn 51 and have been going through menopause for about 2 years.
I started taking the GNC Menopausal vitamins but have had to cut back because
my doctor thinks the black cohosh is causing my blood pressure to rise. I am not on
HRT and do not want to be. I have been drinking about 6 oz of soy a day.

Currently, I am only having mild hot flashes. Although I don't always eat very well,
I do eat an apple and an orange every day and usually snack on carrots and popcorn.
My major concern is the 30 # weight gain I've had in the last two years. I'm also
wondering if you have any suggestions on what I should be taking to keep my vitamin/antioxidant intake right without raising my blood pressure.

Thanks, Diane

Susun's Response: Menopause is natural

Dear Diane

Justine's advise is right on the money.

I would say to stop taking pills of any kind. They are drugs and do not build health. Nourishing herbal infusions build health. Do you have my book? (ANy of them?)
Do you know how to make an infusion? Nettle is great, so is oatstraw, and red clover.

Immediately stop drinking soy. It is depressing the function of your thyroid, impairing
your brain's ability to think (a recent study found soy shrinks the brain and doubles the incidence of Alzheimers), destroying your bones, increasing your risk of breast cancer,
and chelating out lots of nutrients you need. Read about the problems with soy in New Menopausal Years the WIse Woman Way or at my website www.susunweed.com

Eating an apple and an orange is ok but it won't do much good if the rest of your diet
is poor. In fact, eating raw fruit provides very, very little nutrition. I would prefer for
you to eat a big dish of applesauce and drink a cup of nourishing herbal infusion.

Carrot sticks are roughage only, they provide no nutrients. If you want the carotenes
and other good antioxidant stuff, you got to cook them!! I cook several vegetables
when I have the time and marinate them so they are ready to eat in an instant. Yum

As Justine said, weight gain is normal during menopause, though 30 is a bit more than
usual. Get going with a yoga class this week. Buy a pedometer and be sure to take at
least 1000 steps a day. Get more physical. We are looking for a fit you, no matter
what you weight. And remember, dieting now will do more to ruin your health than
almost anything you could do.

And of course, I strongly urge you to read my menopause book. Sounds like you
think you need some sort of hormones, but you don't. Just enough exercise and a
good whole food diet, with plenty of whole grains, lentils, yogurt, and nourishing
herbal infusions. I am eight years past my last period, in great health, avoid soy like
the plague it is, drink my infusions, and feel great. It isn't difficult, really. Just might take
you a while to institute the changes. You can do it; and you will feel so much better,
you will want to .

Green Blessings, Susun Weed
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Vaginal Dryness and Low Libido

Question: I am 61 and have a very low libido and vaginal dryness. Is there anything
for these conditions that you recommend?

Susun's Response: Oatstraw will Increase Sexual Desire

Dear Petra,
Do you have my book on menopause? There is a chapter devoted to this. But you
could also ask yourself if you have truly lost interest in sex or just in intercourse.

My Rx for your problem would sound like this: first, you must have 7 orgasms a
week whether you want them or not, preferably alone. Second, you must not attempt intercourse until you have had at least one orgasm. Third, you must make a list of 100
sexual things to do besides intercourse.

Infusion (not tea, not capsules, not tincture) of oatstraw is well known for increasing
sexual desire. It is safe to drink as much as a quart a day for as long as you wish.

Most of the postmenopausal women I talk to are interested in sex, but don't much
care for intercourse anymore. Certainly true for me. After some minor sulking, my
sweetheart got with the new program and we are both happy with our intimacies now.
Hope this helps you.

Green Blessings,
Susun Weed
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Menopausal Questions-Vaginal Dryness + Sex

Hi Justine and Susun,

I got your email asking about menopausal preferences. I've been over it for a while now,
and haven't been concerned anymore about menopause.

What I am concerned about now, however, is dryness.
What can I use or concoct myself, that is herbal? I don't really like the stuff they sell in
the store, but haven't found any alternatives. Are there foods herbs or spices that might
be making the problem worse?

Yours, Anna

Susun's Response: Re:sex

There is quite a long section on vaginal dryness in New Menopausal Years. You can
buy the original edition in most stores or preorder the revised edition at

But, my real advice to you is to figure out 25 sexual things to do that do that do not
involve penetration. Most postmenopausal women find their lubrication increases
after the first orgasm (or two!) and then they may enjoy a little mild, shallow penetration.
Let us not try to turn ourselves into something we are not. We are now too old to
offer men sexual solace. They are now in a position to give us pleasure in all the
many ways that don't need a penis between us. OK?

Green Blessings, Susun Weed
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Vaginal Dryness and Atrophy

Every since my periods stopped two years ago, I have had problems with very
painful intercourse due to vaginal dryness and what feels like vaginal

Yesterday, my husband and I used Replens and another lubricant during
intercourse, but the lubricants seemed to cause some real burning and
irritation. I also noticed some bleeding after intercourse but am not sure
if it was from the vagina or from irritation of the vulva and am wondering if
the chemicals in these lubricants combined with vaginal atrophy can cause
some bleeding after intercourse. I will be visiting my gynecologist in the
near future to have it checked out.

What herbs or natural remedies can I use to restore health to my vagina, as well as
add lubrication and restore elasticity? Any help you can give me will be deeply


Susun's Response: Vaginal Dryness- here are some remedies


Susun is away. I am her daughter. I will tell you what she tells wise women who
with this question. Further, I am including some remedies from her new book NEW Menopausal Years the Wise Woman Way. Plus I have pasted in a link to Sheri
Winston's fabulous site at the end of the email, you should check her site out. Here
our Wise Woman advice for you:

Do NOT have intercourse if it hurts. Make a point of exploring other sexual activities
that give both you AND your spouse pleasure. Susun's RX is to have at least seven
orgasms a week. When we women are aroused our vaginas get more elastic and
more lubricated - naturally.

If you are currently having 0 orgasms (hard to feel good if it hurts) you may want to
start with a goal of feeling good/aroused..which will lead to orgasm when you get

NOW, I have a husband too and I personally know for him the intercourse part is
"SEX" the rest he can take or leave, and he is not as understanding as I would like
for him to be. I guess not being a guy its hard to me to relate to the urgency and
pressing need that he feels....Being a woman I know I need quite a while to get excited
(he is excited by the mere sight of me, guess I should feel lucky...) so our timing is a
problem. Don't know how it is for you? Will your partner be willing to focus on your
pleasure for some time, putting his penetration needs aside for a while until you are
stimulated? If so, then great. If not, then......you may need to spend time pleasing
yourself first, if this is something that you feel comfortable with....

I do believe that all physical manifestation is a result of mental/spiritual creation. This
does not mean that what you feel is not real. Of course it is very real, and so you will
need to not only change your mind but your body will need some special attention too
(as you well know)..

NOW, what can I find from mom's book to help the body now that I have shared the above???
Let's see, there are 20 pages devoted to Vaginal/Bladder changes...including two on
vaginal dryness and 2 on vaginal atrophy...I will copy some of the solutions for you here:

P. 183
"The pelvic (root) energies of the postmenopausal woman, having no outlet in
menstruation to birth, easily become congested. This congestion traps hot energies
in the vagina, bladder, uterus, and anus, reducing vaginal lubrication, thinning and
irritating the vagina and vulva (vaginal lips), instigating constipation and hemorrhoids, encouraging incontinence, and giving rise, in the worst case, to vaginal atrophy and
chronic vaginal yeast and bladder infections."

"Thinning and drying of pelvic tissues can occur rapidly (within 6-10 months of the
last menses) when menopause is induced, the adrenals/kidneys are weak, or there is insufficient body weight."

"Women who achieve menopause naturally, carry enough body fat, and nourish their adrenals/kidneys, will experience few problems with vaginal/bladder weakness in the postmenopausal years."

P. 184
"You have been wet and fertile at the will and whim of your body for most of your
years, great-granddaughter," murmurs Grandmother Growth. "But you have changed.
You grow moist with readiness for play now only when you truely desire it, not at reproduction's dictates. Have no fear that your springs have run dry. If you consciously
call up your flood of pleasure it will answer. This is one of my greatest gifts to you,
young Crone. No longer will you be accessible to those who do not inspire lova and
trust in you. The great postals of life, your womb, your vagina, now serve only you,
now open only at your bidding."

Homeopathic Remedies include:
Bryonia: root chakra overheated and dry, dry vagina, dry stools/constipation.
Lycopodium: Lack of root stability, vagina very dry, self-confidence withered, skin dry.
Belladonna: vagina painfullay dry and too sensitive to tolerate touch.

P. 185 (some of the nourishing/tonifying remedies from this page are lsited below)
Give Yourself plenty of time to warm up before inserting anything into your vagina.

Eat more fat, especially foods rich in essential fatty acids, such as sardines, plantain
seeds, organic butter, and fresh purslane.

Comfry root sitz baths (two quarts/liters of the infusion) is an old favorite for keeping
vaginal tissues flexible, strong, soft. Sitz for 5-10 minutes several times a week.

As a part of your love play, chew on a small piece of dong quai root.

Acidophilus capsules inserted vaginally help prevent yeast infections and create
copious amounts of lubrication. Insert one (or two) about 4-6 hours before lovemaking.

Comfrey ointment is the ally of choice when skin needs flexible strength. Rub in the
morning and night and use as a lubricant for love play. The vulva will be noticeably
plumper and moister within three weeks.

Try slippery elm soothing vaginal gel. Slowly heat 2 tablespoons slippery elm
powder in a cup of water, stirring until thick. Cool before spreading over and inside
vulva and vagina. The gel lubricates, heals, nourishes.

There are three more pages of good remedies and helpful hints on this subject. Of
course I recommend that you order a copy of this inexpensive and invaluable book
when you are able. If you don't have a local bookseller easily accessible, you could
order online at: www.wisewomanbookshop.com >
And, if you want to learn more about the book before deciding, you can read the review
at: http://www.susunweed.com/Weed_letter_Nov-01.htm#book

Please write back if you need further help.

You should also go to Sheri Winston's website and check out what she has to offer.
She is at: www.wholisticwomancare.com below are some sections that may be
helpful for you:
Vaginal Ecology Your vagina is a dynamic biological environment. You can improve
your health by better understanding this complex system.

Vaginal Anatomy Find out about the good bits that are left out of most books.
Learn the truth about the parts that you really have, how they work best and
naturally interact.

Wholistic Sexuality Get the information that you need to reach your sexual potential
and integrate your sexuality into a healthier whole self.
Justine (Susun's daughter)
                                        Susun's Response:Vaginal fun

Looks like Justine gave you a great answer. One thing to try: do not attempt
intercourse until you have had at least one orgasm. This lubricates the tissues much
more than Replens. Also, try putting acidophilus capsules (2) way up in your vagina,
near the cervix at least one hour before intercourse (up to 8 hours works). It produces copious amounts of slippery slime that are also healing to those tender tissues. Let
us know how these remedies work for you.

Green Blessings, Susun Weed
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Vaginal Dryness and Hormones

Hello Susan,
I am so glad that I found a way to ask you directly...

I'm right smack in the middle of menopause and experiencing, hot flashes galore,
insomnia, and the worst of all, such extreme dryness in my vagina that I could not
really have sex with my husband.

Well, we have made do with sex for about a year and finally I went to a nurse
practitioner, who is supposed to be an expert in my area. I live in Sandpoint, Idaho,
a small community.... She went right to HRT and low and behold I started taking
estrogen, progesterone and I am inserting a small pill in my vagina to help with the

I am not really sure whether I am doing the right thing here. The hormones have helped
me to sleep, they have helped my hot flashes and they have helped my dryness,
however, I think they depress me and I am worried about what I am putting into
my body...

Can you please help with more info... I am inclined to just quit the hormones, but
have not found anything to help with the dryness. ( I can live with the flashes and

Thanks, Darlene

                                   Susun's Response: Re: Info for you


Before I pass this message on to Susun I must ask, do you have a copy of her
new menopause book? If you do not, you should get one and read it. The answers
to all of your questions are in this 300 page book and its only 12.95...now this sounds
like I am pushing her book on you, which is true I am , but, if you want to ask Susun
all these questions then you should at least read her book first. PLUS, it sounds like
you are not comfortable with the hormones you are taking and want to find some
alternative options...to get an idea of what you will find in her book why don't you
go to our menopause site and read some of the excerpts (there are about 20)...here
is one on dry vagina...

plus you can read her article on what herbs to take to help you when you are
taking hormones (which you can start doing right away)..here is the link...

.....trust me, this $13 will be one of the best investments you will ever make, much
less than the cost of the doctor or the pills you are taking...

Also take a look at a few of the responses she has given women in the past about
this...here are a few links...
to read examples of her answers more go to:

Also read her article on avoiding depression to help you today with your blue

After you read all these articles and excerpts and you get her book you are more
than welcome to write in about any questions you may have and Susan will personally respond with a detailed message.

Sending Love,
Justine (Susun's daughter)

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