black & white illustrations are by Durga Bernhard from Susun Weed's Healing Wise the second Wise Woman Herbal
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Green Blessings abound to help us regain and maintain health. Herbal Medicine the Wise Woman Way is simple and safe. You can help yourself with herbs and knowledge.
This archive is for you. Enjoy!

  black & white illustrations are by Durga Bernhard from Susun Weed's Healing Wise the second Wise Woman Herbal

                                       Endometrial Polyps  
Dear Susun Weed,

I am a 49-year-old woman in perimenopause. Two years ago I had an endometrial polyp discovered on pelvic ultrasound, which was surgically removed via hysteroscopy (and
general anesthesia). It was benign. At the time, my gynecologist told me that she would be
less inclined to remove endometrial polyps that I might develop in the future since this
was benign.

About three months ago I had another pelvic ultrasound, where three(!) new endometrial
polyps were found! The radiologist is "95%" sure they're benign. I was told to watch them
for 3-4 months and then return for another ultrasound, which I will be doing in January or February.

My gynecologist told me the "preferred" treatment would be to, once again, remove the
m surgically with another hysteroscopy and more general anesthesia. (I also have GERD,
which means I would need to be intubated so things don't reflux up into my lungs, putting
me at risk for pneumonia).

In your new "Menopausal Years" book, you mention remedies for women with various gynecological conditions, including mine. You also mention these won't be published until
2005. I am urgently hoping that you might be willing to suggest a remedy to me
for my polyps, as I desperately do not want to undergo any more invasive procedures
and it seems that the risk of these polyps being cancer is very low.

I am currently taking supplements of vitex and black cohosh (dong quai makes my
breasts hurt), and am drinking ginger root tea on occasion. Can you recommend a
remedy for me that will keep the polyps from growing or make them resolve (their
complete disappearance being preferable)?

I am also hoping you can respond sooner rather than later, as I am under some pressure
to schedule the ultrasound. Any help you can provide is gratefully appreciated.

Thank you. Tina

Susun's Response: herbs and endometrial polyps

Dear Tina
I believe that dang quai will increase the growths. I would think you might wish to avoid
it and am glad you listened to you body. I am not so sure about the other herbs you are
taking, especially if they are in the form of capsules, I am uncomfortable with possible
side effects.

Are you drinking nourishing herbal infusions daily? Red clover infusion is the best
anti-cancer herb going. In your situation I would put off the surgery and drink at least
two quarts of red clover infusion (not pills, not tea, not tincture; recipe for infusion in
my books) per week.
In fact, I do that without having a problem cuz I don't want to worry about cancer.

Another choice is to use tincture of mushrooms or to eat lots of mushrooms. All of
them except the button ones are anti-cancer.

Using herbs to keep ourselves well nourished is more profitable than using them as
drugs in green coats. Do you have my New Menopausal Years book? It could offer
you some help in using infusions, seaweed, yogurt, and other healthy things you could
be doing instead of surgery.

Hope this helps.

Green Blessings, Susun Weed
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                                     Endometrial Hyperplasia

Hello Susun. I am 59 years old and my periods have only just recently stopped. I
have been diagnosed with endometrial hyperplasia.

I take a tablespoon of flax seed oil powder daily, and a teaspoon of spirulina powder
daily and some whey powder. Could this cause an estrogenic effect on my uterus. Is
flax seed something I should avoid? Is it estrogenic?

I do not take any hormones and my diet consists of 75% plant, vegetable and grain
with some chicken and fish. I also take supplements including vitamins and anti-oxidants
and calcium and magnesium supplements.

My main concern is whether or not I am contributing to an estrogenic effect by taking
the flax seed powder and the spirulina or just the flax seed.

Also do you have any suggestions of what I can do to counteract the thickening of my
uterine wall? My physician has taken a biopsy and is suggesting a possible
hysterectomy depending on the results.

Thank you for your consideration and time.

           Susun's Response:
        I agree that you have decreased your well being by taking "soft drugs."

My lipid chemist friends say flax oil is cancer in a can. If you wish to take flax,
buy the whole seeds and grind them just before use.

Spirulina and other blue green algae are actually poisonous. You will get more vitamins
and minerals and protein from drinking nettle infusion, and it will save you a lot of money.

Whey is healthy, but no milk product that is powdered is good for our health as the
drying process damages the proteins.

Did you have symptoms that alerted you to the endometrial hyperplasia? What were
they? Is this the first test? Hyperplasia is a variable condition and often goes away with
no treatment, though it may progress and even become cancer. Surgery is a dramatic
way to deal with this. I would not even consider hysterectomy as a way to deal with

All plant foods contain phytoestrogens, but only the ones in soy can harm us. Best forms
of soy are miso and tamari. If you are worried about cancer then it is a good idea to
avoid soy milk, tofu, and other processed forms of soy.

Supplements are soft drugs too and are not good for health. Ascorbic acid is the favorite
food of many types of cancer. Beta-carotene and alpha tocopherol also promote cancer.
Why not rely on your diet? Women who take calcium supplements are twice as likely to
break a bone as women who get their calcium from greens and dairy products. I have
not taken any supplements in 25 years and my health is better than the vast majority of
pill takers' health. I drink my nourishing infusions.

Hope this helps.
Green Blessings, Susun Weed
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                                    Perimenopausal Migraines

hi there,

I'm a star sister and I was wondering what you know about migraines associated with perimenopause. I never had headaches before and for the last few months, right
before my period they are so bad I don't even know how to describe the agony...
any suggestions?

in joy, Temi

      Susun's Response:
              menopause migraines (there is no such thing as perimenopause !!!)

Dear Temi

First, please refrain from referring to yourself as being in perimenopause. I mean, who
was ever in peripuberty? This is a put-down phrase being used by male doctors to
put menopausal women in their "place" and it is even worse when we pick it up and use it.
You are menopausal my dear, and entering your menopausal years. Nothing "peri" about it!

That said, have you read the section of my book New Menopausal Years the WIse
Woman Way on headaches? pages 135-137 gives lots of ways to help you deal. One
of my favorites is: Get a bottle of skullcap tincture. Get a bottle of hypericum tincture (St. Joan's/John's wort). NO CAPSULES. Tinctures! At the first sign of a headache, take
a dropperful of the hypericum and 5-25 drops of the skullcap. Repeat every five minutes
if necessary. Note that skullcap can make you very sleepy.

Green Blessings, Susun Weed
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                       Menopausal Information-Infections

What I need is more help and suggestions for memory and cognitive problems.
Also for chronic yeast infections--actually other kinds of infections too. I
have an ongoing eye infection and athletes foot that are also not curable
by means of non-prescription or prescription drugs. I not only have
menopausal problems but CFIDS and Fibromylagia too.

A lot of the symptoms I know how to work with, but I think the toughest are the ones
I mentioned. I just treat myself every day wih vinegar douches and acidophilus for the
yeast infection and boric acid for my eyes and Lamisil for my feet.

For my memory I do everything I know to eat and sleep as well as I can and then to
be careful, organized and double check myself all the time. These problems are serious!

Thanks!!! Cecelia

Susun's Response: Re: help for infections

Dear Cecelia

Sounds like you are really busy taking care of yourself. Good for you. Do you drink
nourishing herbal infusions? I find they are the best support my body and immune system
can have. Their minerals help the immune system counter chronic infections.

Also, have you tried using Echinacea tincture? You say that your infections are not
curable by non-prescription drugs, but you don't say if you have tried any herbs.
Fungus infections are known to be difficult to treat and usually the main problem is that
the immune system is weak. Vaginal infections are often passed back and forth between
have you treated yours? Daily douching can actually cause chronic yeast infections.
Maybe you could take a break from that? Instead, eat at least half a cup of plain
yogurt daily.

Of course you avoid white sugar, which depresses the immune system and encourages all infections. There is a new chapter on fibromyalgia in my revised New Menopausal Years
the Wise Woman Way. Perhaps some of the remedies there could assist you in feeling
less pain and distress.

Green Blessings, Susun Weed
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                                                Ovulation pain

Dear Susun,

I'm 43 and mom of two children. While I've experienced ovulation pretty regularly
over the years, it really hasn't changed too much in its nature. This month it's pretty
painful and accompanied by greater than normal digestive distress/constipation.

I'm wondering if there might something that would be helpful in relieving the discomfort.
I've been drinking nettle infusion for a few months now (daily, approx. 2 cups) and
taking vitex tincture (dropperful, couple times a day for several weeks now). Other than
that, my diet is varied and healthful. I'm vegetarian, but eat dairy (yogurt every day) and
eggs. I do sometimes drink Black tea (or chai) a few times a week and probably don't
get enough rest.

I've been reading about the Wise Woman Tradition and am learning a different
Perspective in looking at my problems. However, I'm having a hard time understanding
what my ovulation pain is opening up to me.
I guess I haven't become accustomed to thinking in this way yet, and sometimes I end
up trying too hard and totally losing touch with my intuition!
Any suggestions or comments you might have would be greatly appreciated!

                                Susun's Response: try this

Dear Lucy,
Would prefer to talk with you, rather than write. I can be so much more thorough
and specific. You have three hours of talk time with your correspondence course
(I think you have paid in full).

I suspect this is a normal menopausal change. Try this. Write down three things that
are the problem with the problem. In other words, what is the problem with having
this pain? Does it scare you (maybe cancer)? Does it keep you from doing things?

After writing these three problems down, please reword them so they start with the word
"I." If you wrote "It hurts me," change it to "I feel pain." This is the voice of the victim.

Now for the hard part. Rewrite once again, this time writing from the point of view
of the powerful person. "I feel pain" becomes "I want to feel pain." Yes, you will find
yourself saying, writing statements that seem to make no sense. Who would want to feel
pain? But the voice of power is the voice of the one who is open to all experiences,
including pain.

One more thing to do and you are done: Get two pillows. Sit on one and be the victim.
Say one of the victim voice statements. Move to the other pillow and be the voice of
power and say the opposing statement. See if you can get a dialog going with the
two voices.

We will have plenty to talk about after you do this.

Good luck and Green Blessings, Susun Weed
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                         Menopause and Getting Pregnant?

Dear Susun,
I have used your menopause book for a couple of years and have great respect
for your advice.

QUESTION: How do I know how long to wait before having sex without protection??

I do not want to become pregnant. The last real period was about a year and a half ago.
Spotting (no tampax) and symptoms once 6 months ago. Otherwise it has been over
two years since I was anything like regular.

My husband and I really want to know..... if you know what I mean. It means a lot to
me and I don't know where to find the information.

I found your interactive site interesting BUT none of the questions were answered.
Did I miss something??

Anyway if you could help me on this I would surely appreciate it. And please put me
on the mailing list.

Thanks a lot. Vicky

                                         Susun's Response:

Dear Vicky,

There was a woman in one of my classes who got pregnant three years after her
last period. She was nursing the baby at class!! So what can I tell you. If those sperm
and eggs want to get together, they will find a way. I personally got pg on birth control

If you want to be certain it is safe for him to ejaculate into you, then you may want to
take a full teaspoon of wild carrot seeds, chew them up in food, daily for another year
or two. The woman above did say it was with a new lover and we all said how easy it
is to get pregnant in that first flush of sex and love, so maybe you and your husband are
past that dangerous point, and maybe not. There are no guarantees when it comes to
preventing pregnancy.

Good luck and
Green Blessings, Susun Weed
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               Cancer, Menopause and taking Hormones

Dear Susun:

I heard you speaking on the Deborah Ray radio show and I need some help with
menopause. I am 54, was diagnosed with breast cancer at 42, had chemotherapy,
no radiation.

Since cancer I have struggled with the affects of menopause. My doctor didn't want me
to be on ERT/HRT until I crossed the 10 year period after which he suggested I
receive hormones. I am now taking Estriol 3/prog 100 mg from Women's International
(2 per day)

Since starting these all symptoms have disappeared except lack of libido. I have become
more and more concerned about taking hormones and have recently decided that I
don't want to take them anymore. My question--is Estriol safe for me and if not what
can I do to combat the bad affects of menopause--ie--insomnia, depression, hot flashes,
urinary infections. Thanks for any help you can give me.


              Susun's Response: taking hormones is a kind of Russian roulette

Dear June

I have written a 300 page answer to your questions: New Menopausal Years the
Wise Woman Way. It is filled with simple effective remedies to help you with the
problems you mention: sleep, flashes, depression, urinary infections, and lots more.

So far as I am concerned, taking hormones is a kind of Russian roulette. Some women
seem to avoid the problems, others seem to be deeply harmed. If you are going to
take estrogen, use the very lowest dose you can get. So far, we know that it promotes
uterine cancer, breast cancer, gall bladder disease, strokes, and heart disease. All of
which seem far worse to me than a few years of sleep disturbance and hot flashes.
Especially, since there is no benefit whatsoever to taking estrogen.

Oh, and the hot new disease is Female Androgen Deficiency (FAD, haha, but true).
Among the symptoms: lack of libido. Among the known causes: use of ERT or estrogen supplements in any form.

Menopause is not a problem, it is a passage. Yes, it is not an easy passage. Neither
is birth nor puberty. Gaining power is usually difficult. Taking hormones does not cure
any problems, it puts them off. When you stop taking the hormones, no matter what
age you are, you will go through menopause. Why not do it now? Waiting until you
are sixty or seventy to go through menopause is not my idea of a good time.

Green Blessings, Susun Weed
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                      Natural Contraceptives + Menopause

Hello, dear Susun,

I am very, very happy that I have found your web site. It is like a present, finally I may
find a Wise Woman.

My name is Sigrid. I am living in Germany and I am 43 years old .I am very interested
in natural contraception and menopause. It is terrible what many doctors say about
that subject. I am looking for an alternative. There must be a way to go through this
time without hormones ,I feel this. I refuse all chemical contraceptives and would like
to receive some good tips from a Wise Woman who knows about the cycle of women.

How can I prevent without chemical contraceptives (up till now I took the morning
temperature to find out the ovulation and I noticed the mucus of the vagina) .?
Are there some herbal prescriptions?
Can I learn about that in workshops etc...?
The problem is that I am in Germany ,so I can't visit your seminars, do you come to
Germany ,too? Or is there a person I can get in touch with?
I would be very pleased if you could answer me.


                              Susun's Response: Hello to you in Germany

Dear Sigrid,

We are so very glad to hear from you! We are including you in both of our mailing lists,
one via postal mail and one via email. Susun is away in Florida now, or she would write
to you herself. I am her daughter, Justine. Here are some answers to your questions:

There is a section on birth control on our menopause site:

Also, you may find some helpful hints at sister Zeus' site:

Susun has taught in Germany in the past, but she is not scheduled for an event this year.
Possibly next year....Maybe she will have an idea for you of who might be there now
to study with.

Also, have you considered a correspondence course with Susun Weed? She has
students from all around the world! You can learn more at:

You can order Susun's books in German (and in English as well at the amazon site
below) if you are interested...They are reasonably priced and filled with really good
information to nurture the wise woman in you.

http://www.amazon.de OR

Looking forward to hearing from you again soon.

Sending love,


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