black & white illustrations are by Durga Bernhard from Susun Weed's Healing Wise the second Wise Woman Herbal
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  black & white illustrations are by Durga Bernhard from Susun Weed's Healing Wise the second Wise Woman Herbal

Scoliosis and Comfrey


The Velvet Underground referred me to you. I was just diagnosed with scoliosis. I am
35 years old and have had headaches and such for as long as I could remember. I went
to the chiropractor, since the doctors just prescribe pain meds, and he took x-rays and
found a large curve in my spine. I went back to the doc and they retook x-rays and
stated that I have a 45-degree curve to the right and a 26 degree to the left of my upper back. They want to operate but I'm not sure that is the way to go. Lisa thought maybe
you would have an herbal suggestion for the bones to make them pliable. They told me,
that since I was no longer growing, that it was permanent. If you have any suggestions I would love to here from you. You came highly recommended.


     Susun's Response: Comfrey leaf makes bones strong and flexible.
dear Alicia,
I agree that surgery is a drastic solution to your problem. Does the chiropractor think adjustments will help?

Comfrey leaf is the herb that makes bones strong and flexible. I would use it as an
infusion, drinking about a quart a day for several weeks. Then I would start taking a
weekly yoga class, a gentle one, but one that makes some demands on you. I would
continue with the comfrey, but only at the rate of a quart or two a week. On the other
days I would drink stinging nettle infusion, oatstraw infusion, or red clover infusion. Improvement will be slow; you need to commit to these things for many years, perhaps
the rest of your life.

I was diagnosed with severe scoliosis when I was 27; at the same time, I was told my
tail bone was broken into 7 pieces. Chiropractic, yoga, visualizations, and herbs have
kept me active, pain free, and flexible. I don't know if I still have scoliosis. My blouses
do fall from one shoulder, so I would guess at least some of it is still present, but not that
I would know from my functioning. I no longer go to a chiropractor, but I do have a
monthly massage. I continue to do an hour and a half of yoga every week, visualizations
from time to time, and I drink my nourishing herbal infusions every day.

Headaches are often related to misalignment in the skull. Is there a cranial-sacral therapist nearby? This is a method that could change your life.

Good luck and Green Blessings,
Susun Weed

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                        Weight Concern and Multiple Sclerosis

Hi Susun!

Yule blessings to you and yours. My question for you is about weight. I weigh much
more than what conventional medicine considers healthy. (On the emotional level I like
the way I look) I have other health challenges-Multiple Sclerosis that limits the activity
I can do. My energy is pretty limited. I'm trying to eat more nutritionally sound, whole
foods and wonder what you think about the whole weight issue. And what I can do
about it?


         Susun's Response: nourish your body with herbal infusions!

      Fit not fat is the issue. Different bodies weigh different amounts, even the same
body weighs different amounts at different times during our lives. Body mass index is a
better guide. It is a complicated formula and I do not have it memorized, but I am sure
you can find it easily (figuring it out is another problem; lots of decimals and fractions!!)

Throw out your scale. stop thinking about how much you weigh. Do you feel
comfortable? Does your weight limit you? I would guess that a few extra pounds might
ease some of the problems of MS.

Whole grains, beans, greens, nourishing herbal infusions, vegetables, fruits, cheese,
nuts, olives -- eat whole foods and you will weigh what you need to weigh. Chips,
candy, sodas, soy milk, supplements, fast food, snacks -- eat junk food and you will
gain and gain and gain. Sounds too simple doesn't it?

Replace white flour products, even pasta, with whole grains. Replace white sugar with
honey or maple syrup. Cook all your own food. Drink nourishing herbal infusions daily. These are my secrets for maintaining your ideal weight and that may not be what the
book says it ought to be.

If you have a bowl of soup before a meal, you will eat about half as much food as you
would if you didn't have the soup, and you will feel more satisfied.

Even though you are limited by the MS find some exercise you can do. Check out
books by Bob Masters. He has one exercise book that you do by reading only,
no moving, and it really works. Has helped those paralyzed after a stroke to regain movement. Incredible stuff. Hope this helps.

Green Blessings,
Susun Weed

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                                   Acid Reflux Disease (Gerd)

I have a big problem with acid reflux, known as gerd. Right now I'm on Pilosec 20 mg.
2x a day and I'm looking for a more natural way of healing my problem and not masking
it. I would like to try to grow the herbs that can help me. I live in Oakland, NJ.

Are there any Drs. that you know of that will work with herbs rather than synthetic
medicine? How do you go about finding this people? Thanks for any and all info you
can help in this area.

Blessed be,

       Susun's Response: Dandelion root aids stomach acid production

Dear Gloria,
     It may surprise you to learn that the reason for your problem is lack of hydrochloric
acid in your stomach. This keeps the food there overly long and causes a "back-up"
right up your throat. Yuck!

Herbalists recommend dandelion root tincture, about 10-20 drops, taken just before
meals. This will improve your digestion amazingly and will help your stomach make
more acid.

Unfortunately, the drugs make matters much worse because they attack the symptoms
and deepen the problem. You could stop taking Pilosec if you wanted and go back to
just using things for relief when needed. For instance, slippery elm offers fast relief,
heals the throat from acid burns, and strengthens the stomach and intestines. Much
better choice than TUMS, I think.

I don't know of any doctors in you area. Sorry. Hope the info above gets you started
in the right direction.

Green Blessings,
Susun Weed

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                        Prevention of Dry Skin and Eczema

Susun, I love your book Healing Wise and I dearly hope one day I'll be able to
come to Laughing Rock Farm and hang with the goats!

My question is about my grandma. She is eighty seven and is doing wonderfully, and
with her sun in Gemini and her moon in Taurus, I offered to give her massages
especially for her hands and forearms. This is a nice time for us to talk and I really
enjoy this time with her because she is amazing. I have been creating some lotions to
help her with her dry skin because she says when you get old you just dry up.

I wondered if there were any special notes about older dry skin, and also her doctor
says that she has eczema on her leg which in one area is red (a little scaly patch) and I wondered if there was anything we could do to nourish this. She is very interested in
what I find out from this research.

Love, Sara

               Susun's Response: Lanolin, Jojoba, and Calendula!

     Animal fats are better for the skin than vegetable oils. Try lanolin or make your
own ointments with lard. Failing that, use only olive oil. Never use essential oils on
older skin. Also avoid anything containing glycerin, which pulls moisture from deep
in the skin up to the surface, thus really drying out the skin.

My favorite skin application is Jojoba oil, actually a plant ester closely related to
human skin factors. James Duke mixes his with Gota kola tincture to keep skin
really healthy.

Calendula is really nice as an ointment, as is comfrey, or plantain. Each plant has
a different healing property and it is fun to experiment with them to see what works
best for you -- and your grandma.

Hope these hints help.

Green Blessings,
Susun Weed

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