black & white illustrations are by Durga Bernhard from Susun Weed's Healing Wise the second Wise Woman Herbal
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  black & white illustrations are by Durga Bernhard from Susun Weed's Healing Wise the second Wise Woman Herbal

Irregular Pap Smear-HPV

Dear Susun:

About five months ago, I had an irregular pap smear, and was told to have a biopsy. The biopsy proved that I had HPV.

The OB/GYN told me I needed to have a procedure where these "cancerous cells" on my cervix would be frozen. After the nurse's vague instructions to have the procedure soon "or it could get worse" My instincts told me not to do it.

My question to you is; what exactly is HPV, and are there herbs you can suggest? It is my understanding that this is a wide-spread virus. Many of the sisters I know have also been diagnosed with it.

Also, I also had a recent 'bout with the Mono virus, is this perhaps connected to HPV?

I am doing all I know to strengthen my immune system, but I seem to have a hard time from preventing these viruses!

please help!
In love and light, Stella

Susun's Response: HPV

You are right, it is a virus. HPV does not always lead to cervical cancer. You can prevent cancer from starting by drinking red clover infusion. A quart or more a week is good. Burdock root tincture also seems to help. You can use them alternately.

As for your immune system: remember that white sugar zaps it. See if you can do without it completely for at least six weeks.

Green Blessings, Susun Weed

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Dear Susun,

Thank you so much for your personal answer to my question. I really appreciate your taking the time to do that.

I thought your article on Osteoporosis really nailed a lot of issues that had not yet been so succinctly addressed. I would like to send it to my mother who has been haunted by it, and is now, as you say, "dancing with breast cancer".

She is occasionally open to new ideas and I would really like her to read it. She did hurt up until last year. She is 79 and was on Primarine for 18 years. She is being denied the extended care option by insurance companies, because of the osteoporosis. She drinks 3 glasses of milk a day and feels that is all she can do. It seems to me like this calcium is being directed to her breasts.

I am asking your permission to send it to her, and if you have some thoughts about this idea, I welcome them.

Thanks again, Samantha

Susun's Response: Re: blessings

Dear Samantha,

Yes yes you can share our articles with anyone. This information belongs to all of us. And thanks for asking.

Calcium is an important mineral all over the body. When a cell dies, calcium is used to fill in the place of the dead cell. Has your mom been diagnosed with cancer or have calcifications been found on a mammogram? There is a difference. Do you know about my book Breast Cancer? Breast Health! THe WIse Woman Way. It has a lot of good information for your mom. Available from www.wisewomanbookshop.com

Green Blessings, Susun Weed

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     Bladder Problems & Red Clover Infusion

Hello, Susun,

I have a history of bladder cancer and irritations of the bladder. You
recommended dried red clover in a tea every day. I have done that for
approximately 3 months and received one of the first quarterly reports in
decades with no sign of blotches or insitu in the bladder. Thank you
very much!

My urologist ran retrogrades on my ureterus and noticed a narrowing of
the left ureter just above the bladder. I had 4-1/2 hour surgery last
Wednesday to remove the bottom inch of the ureter and re-implant it into
the bladder. He recommended that I stop taking the red clover tea one
week prior to surgery, in case there was possible interference with the
anesthesia. (The AMA has not ruled on most herbs, as I'm sure you are

My questions are: Should I resume the infusion now (one week after
surgery)? Is there such a thing as overdose or unnecessarily long
treatment with red clover tea? Should this be a lifelong treatment?

I will be most interested to receive your answers.

Sincerely yours, Charlotte

Susun's Response: I am happy Red Clover and you are together

Dear Charlotte

I am so happy to hear of your success. So far as I know, there is no overdose of red clover infusion. That said, one can die from drinking more than four gallons of water at once, so there is obviously an overdose of everything. What I mean is, there appears to be no long-term consequences from drinking 2-4 cups of red clover infusion daily for extended periods. Red clover is given as a daily food to many animals, with no reported adverse effects.

The FDA will never rule on infusions. Their rulings apply only to herbs in capsules. It would be like the FDA ruling on broccoli. When taken in a water base red clover is a food, not a drug. Like other foods it keeps the blood flowing smoothly. This minor blood thinning effect is magnified when it is taken in pill form and that is the reason your doctor told you to stop using it before surgery. In fact, it is less harmful than coffee. But if you see any sign that it is thinning you blood (bleeding at the site of the surgery, a hemotoma, etc), then back off and begin again a week later if you wish.

Sending you lots of Green Blessings, Susun Weed 

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Mammogram Alternatives

Hi Susun

Can you direct me to information that talks about alternatives to mammograms. I was told that you know of alternative options.

Thank you, Gina

              Susun's Response: here are some links for you

Dear Gina,

Hello again and thanks for being on our mailing list, we appreciate you!!

Joanne, here are a few links you might like:
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Sending love,

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                                    Abnormal Pap and Rosacea

Dear Susun,

I was told that I had an abnormal pap smear from my gynecologist. She called and told me they sent the test out and now I have HPV and wants to do a colposcopy because this could be a precancerous problem..

Do I need to do this $800 colposcopy? And what do I do with this HPV? I read and she says, its contagious! My husband is already uncomfortable. Also, if she finds precancerous tissue, then what would you advise?

This whole situation makes me feel upset.. I have no symptoms(warts)... I did have a baby 2years ago.. and seem to be chronically exhausted due to raising a kid, working and living in Manhattan... I developed Rosacea over this period, too.

Tell me what you think...

Thanks so much.

You are a wonderful resource.
What is your phone #? Do you answer consults/brief questions over the phone?


Susun's Response: there are some herbs for you


Hang in there. Don't let the doctor fluster you, keep your center. It is good you are looking for options. Susun will be here tomorrow and will answer your questions as best she can. She only consults for free and only by email in the winter months.

For Rosacea use aloe vera gel, the good stuff. I will send an email another woman sent, if I can find it, about her remarkable results with aloe. Another herb you will want to ally with, will be St. John's Wort, for it is an anti-viral, but I will let Susun tell you about this tomorrow.

What a stressful situation. Too bad MDs don't have time to learn how to deal with people in a way that doesn't freak them out.

HVP is a common virus. It has many forms. It is noted for being a trigger for cancer, but it is not thought to cause cancer. It is contagious, like all viruses. But I would suspect that your husband already has it, as it produces no symptoms or problems in men. I'm not even sure if he can be tested. It is not like you have some rampant infection. It is like having a cold sore. He is not threatened by your infection as far as I know.

Bum PAP smears are also common. Standard procedure is to do another smear in 3-6 months and then another 3-6 months after that. If any of the smears are normal, you probably don't have to worry. If all three are abnormal, you will be happy to have the colpospy I bet. Best is if they take a big enough piece that they get clear margins and then you don't have to do anything else.

Meanwhile, protect yourself against cancer by drinking at least a quart of red clover infusion a week. A quart a day is not too much if you are really worried. I know quite a few DES daughters who keep their PAP smears clear by drinking this anti-cancer champion. It is safe enough for pregnant ladies, so no need to worry about side effects.

Burdock root is another anti-cancer ally. The infusion is best, but tincture is good enough for prevention.

Anti-viral herbs include St. Joan's/John's Wort tincture (taken internally, about a dropperful a day for several weeks) and lemon balm ointment (applied directly to the cervix). It is ok to use all these herbs at once if you want to , but it is not necessary.

Keep in touch and let us know how it goes.

Green Blessings, Susun Weed

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Thyroid Dysfunction

Good Morning, Susun and Justine,

Well, after all these years of rather clear symptoms, my thyroid gland became pronounced. Ultra sound was ordered. Findings of nodes on both sides of the gland, more on the left.

The "plan" is that I will have a nuclear study. Radioactive iodine injected to see if the thyroid responds. I'm sure you know I'm not thrilled about this. However, my symptoms have become more acute, and I do not want a "meltdown" of my own, which, given that my thyroid has moved into high-low gear, is entirely possible.

Do you have any information for me which may help me? It would be one thing if I trusted the doctor at all...at least then I would be able to trust in that faith. This is a clinic I'm going to, so not much option.

Given the history of the allegedly malignant cells in my breast back in '98, and the knowledge and power I gained through you, I hope you can give some thoughts in this current matter.

I also (finally) stopped in at a Mexican Curio/Herb shop. The curandero gave me a prescription to bathe with certain herbs, and pray over myself with egg,
chili, and lemon or lime. He also confirmed my Divine gift of healing, which, as it happened, he allowed me to use with him. It was strange to me that it was a
man, but he was definitely male-female duality, so I (somewhat ashamedly I admit), felt better.

Thanks for your thoughts. I may be coming back to the area quite soon.

Love, Peggy

Susun's Response: Re: There are options


Great to hear from you, even if it is with not such great news. There is a whole section on thyroid in New Menopausal Years the Wise Woman Way. Also, you may want to contact Ryan Drum. He is the one who knows thyroids and how to help. I talked to him lots while writing my section and I believe he takes patients. If you can't find him, drop me a postcard asking for his phone number and I will mail it to you.

Injection of radioactive iodine is step 6. What have you done with the other steps that you are ready to go there? Stop, there are other choices.

Love and Green Blessings, Susun Weed

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Infusions and Hyperplasia

Hello Susun

Thank you for your response. I am actually writing this for my sister
Barbara, who does not have a computer. She is very grateful for your

You asked if she had symptoms. Yes, she had spotting (bleeding) on and
off since her periods stopped - about a year ago. Even in the last few
months of regular periods the hyperplasia was diagnosed.

She has had two biopsies, a D&C and three or four ultrasounds. The first
biopsy showed simple hyperplasia and she is waiting for the report of
the second.

In the past the treatments have been Prometrium tablets
(micronized progersterone) 200mg for ten days. She has had this
treatment twice. After the treatment the hyperplasia went away but then

Thank you again for your information. If you have any other suggestions,
let us know. I look forward to your new edition of Menopausal Years, when
it is available in Canada.

Blessing and Happy Solstice

Susun's Response: Re :infuisons and hyperplasia

Dear Crystal,

I think New Meno Years is now available in Canada.

Hard to deal with this by e-mail, but will try to give you some simple things you could do.

First, drinking nourishing herbal infusions will protect her health. Recipe for them in my books. Red clover infusion is the anti-cancer one. She could drink up to a quart a day. Pills and tinctures and even tea will not give much effect, it really needs to be an infusion (one ounce of dried herb brewed for four hours in a quart of boiling water).

Burdock root tincture is also a solid anticancer herbs.

I have seen women get rid of nasty dysplasia using either burdock or red clover. Care needs to continue daily for 4-6 months and then several times a week or as needed.
Good luck.

Green Blessings, Susun Weed  

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